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Blueberry Muffin Taste Test


When it comes to breakfast, you can go savory or you can go sweet. If you’re going sweet, there are fussy French pastries, syrup-laden pancakes, and health-conscious fruit bowls to choose from. But our favorite way to get a sweet start to the morning – especially on a busy workday (try responding to emails with shards of croissant flying everywhere) – is with a good ol’ muffin. And if you’re going to taste test muffins, it’s got to be blueberry.

To find the best blueberry muffins, we got samples from eight local spots and put their flavor and texture to the test. Interestingly, the top three were all distinctly different, proving there isn’t just one way to make a “berry” good muffin.

Third Place: The Kneaded Bread (99 points)

Don’t be fooled by the “very basic” appearance of these oversized muffins; tasters lauded their “soft, fluffy, moist” interior and liked the “excellent blueberry flavor.”


Second Place: Susan Lawrence (100.5 points)

“Yummy but not a blueberry muffin” seemed to be the consensus for this second-place finisher, which most tasters thought was actually “crumb cake with blueberries.” Nonetheless, we fell hard for the “muffin tops with delicious crunchiness,” though some tasters wished for more blueberry flavor.


The Winner: Patisserie Salzburg (101.5 points)

This French bakery scored high marks for its “very moist” muffins with an “excellent crunchy top.” Most importantly, we could “definitely taste the blueberries.” 

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