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9 Westchester Chefs You Need to Follow on Instagram Right Now


Your friends who make everyone wait 20 minutes to start eating while they capture the perfect #foodporn Instagram post are great and all, but some things need tobe left for the professionals. When it comes to capturing the essence of a dish in all of its glory, only a chef can snap the perfect pic to make your mouth (and potentiallyyour eyes) water uncontrollably. Dig through the profiles of these local masters for some of the most pristine food-related posts you can imagine, plus some tips and ideas to try at home yourself.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

The prolific chef, restaurateur, and owner of The Inn at Pound Ridge loves toshows off a vibrant selection of the artful dishes served at one of his many locations around New York and around the world.

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Dave DiBari

We’re pretty sure DiBarihas an uncontrollable love affair with food. We’re not complaining though.

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Chef Navjot Arora

​The co-owner an chef atSambal and Chutney Masalahas a keen eye for overhead shots and eye-catching spreads of Indian cuisine.

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Ashley Lurie

This all-star chef andcocktail enthusiast captures moments that might make you drop everything and run to The Tannery (soon be be Sauce Box) stat.

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Chris Vergara

Love foraging, gardening, or hyper-local produce? Follow Chef Vergara on his quests out into the wilderness to find the perfect specimens for his dishes.

Dan Barber

Food is his art, and Dan Barber’s Instagram presents exactly that. Need we say more?

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Alex Sze

If you’re anything like Juniper’s Chef AlexSze, you like your meats smoked, grilled, roasted, and probably still looking at you.

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Mogan Anthony

Village Social’s MoganAnthony gives you the inside look on a host of dynamic dishes from his life and travels.

Cristian Petitta

TVBBy: Pax Romana is all the rage these days since its White Plains predecessor shut its doors last year. For an inside look at what all the buzz is about, Executive Chef Cristian Petitta’sdazzling IG feed is your key.