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6 Bakeries to Help You Celebrate National Apple Pie Day


George Washington. Mom. Hamburgers. Honestly, there really isn’t much we could argue as being more American than apple pie. That’s why we couldn’t be more thrilled to inform you that May 13 is National Apple Pie Day!

Stop by one of these local fan-favorite bakeries on your way home tonight — or any night, we’re not picky — for a truly delicious way to show your patriotism.

Chantilly Patisserie & Bakehouse


Most recently known for the Beatlemania-level fervor of its “cruffins,” the croissant/muffin hybrid cousin of the cronut, this French-style bakery is never a bad choice, though their classic apple pie is truly a thing of beauty. Thin-sliced apples, a crispy upper shell, and a decadent caramel drizzle make this the kind of elevated home-style pie you crave when the weather turns cold and rainy.

Harvest Moon Orchard

North Salem

You might only think of them in the fall come apple-picking season, but their year-round farm shop, the team at Harvest Moon are some of our favorite people when it comes to a country-style apple pie. Golden-brown and flaky, these jumbo pies are the perfect end to a rustic north county supper. Plus, the addition ofHardscrabble Cideryon-site makes this a no-brainer.

Baked By Susan


One of Westchester’s most beloved bakers, Susan O’Keefe churns out everything from wedding cakes to baked empanadas. Among her repertoire of old-fashioned nine-inch pies you’ll find 14 all-year and seasonal flavors, including both traditional and crumb-topped apple pies. If you ask us which one you should get, though, our answer will always be “both.”

Red Barn Bakery


In yet another case of “Why not both?” … Westchester mainstay Red Barn Bakery offers both a classic apple pie and an apple salted caramel crumb pie. Both are 100% organic as well as locally and sustainably sourced. If you don’t feel like sharing or eating an entire pie to your face, you can snag one of Red Barn’s apple pie roll-ups for just $7.

Martine’s Bake Shop

Tuckahoe & Scarsdale

Gooey, sweet filling and a buttery, flaky crust never looked so picturesque. Our recommendation? Serve à la mode with a giant scoop of French vanilla, two forks, and a solemn vow to never tell anyone else how quickly you and a friend polished off this massive dessert.

Apple Tart 🎠#thehungryjap

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La Renaissance Pâtisserie Francaise


Are you feeling saucy? Perhaps a bit risqué? Deconstruct your preconceptions of an apple pie by reverting to the untopped, Parisian cousin of the American standard-bearer, the apple tart. La Renaissance in Scarsdale serves up two kinds of this high-falutin’ Frenchness, a beautifully swirled version and an apple tarte tatin, a sweet, caramelized version that’s sort of like is an apple pie and a pineapple upside-down cake have a delicious, delicious baby. (Use this option if you’re family celebrates both the Fourth of July and Bastille Day.)

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