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5 Places to Get the Most Delicious Ramen in Westchester


Ramen Musashi
816 White Plains Rd, Scarsdale; 914.472.1468

Previously Ramen Q, this in-the-know spot is tucked into the back of a Japanese Market on White Plains Road. Seek it out and you’ll be rewarded with some of the county’s best ramen, including silky bowls of pork-bone tonkotsu with caramelized chasu pork and springy noodles submerged in near-perfect shio and shoyu broths.



This is ‘Spicy Bone Yard Rib Tip Ramen’ in tonkatsu/bbq broth. The word BBQ broth might throw you off when it comes to ramen. It just doesn’t sound like it would go with ramen. Well .. it was delicious. Although I didn’t taste anything too BBQ-ie(which was a good thing). The broth had great depth, just a tad sweet for my liking, but overall ðŸ‘ðŸ». I don’t mind a fusion (Japanese-Caribbean) ramen once in awhile and this place definitely on my ‘re-visit’ ramen spot. ——————————— #ramen #bbqribtips #noodleworship #noodle #ilovefood #tonkatsubroth #fusionRamen #slurping #tendermeat #zagat #nyfood #nyeats #buzzfeedfood #huffposttaste #instafood #foodie #noodles #foodporn #foodoftheday

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19 Anderson St, New Rochelle; 914.365.2267

Yes, there’s very solid tonkotsu and shoyu on the menu, but it’s the unexpected flavors, like jerk chicken and tangy barbecue, that have families and college students packing the joint on weekends. The curry-oxtail ramen, full of springy noodles, fragrant curry-tonkotsu broth, and meltingly tender meat, is worthy of a pilgrimage from any corner of the county.


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163 S Central Ave, Hartsdale; 914.949.0600

Tucked into a strip mall along Central Ave, Kishuya excels at creating deeply flavored stocks. There’s the umami bomb that is the miso and chicken katsuo dashi broth and the creamy, almost milky tonkotsu. But the best ramen on the menu is the spicy Tantanmen, a bowl of tonkotsu slick with chili oil and topped with ground pork, bok choy, and crushed sesame seeds. Wash it all down with a Japanese hefeweizen, rice lager, or IPA.


1008 Main St, Peekskill; 914.930.1788
14 Marble Ave, Thornwood; 914.741.5100

With several iterations of ramen on the menu, noodle-slurping diners have a tough time choosing between options like classic shoyu, rich miso, and funky kimchi. But those who can tolerate the heat love the TomYum for its fiery, tangy, Thai-inspired broth.



Miso Ramen @ Fujinoya Hartsdale #misoramen #fuijinoyahartsdale #delicious #hartsdaleny

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26 S Central Ave, Hartsdale; 914.428.1203

Fujinoya is one of our go-to spots for all kinds of authentic Japanese dishes like sushi, katsu, and udon. We’re also fans of the three types of ramen on the menu, whether it’s the simple soy-sauce shoyu, the buttery miso, or the ginger-infused tonkotsu with garlic oil.


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