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4 Reasons We Can’t Get Enough of Southern Table


1. They’re All About That #BirdLife

Glance around the room, and you might notice some of the runners at Southern Table are wearing #BirdLife shirts. They, like us, are here for the fried chicken. “The most important thing is that you use high-quality chicken,” says co-owner Mike Ferrara, who also co-owns nearby Wood & Fire. Breasts, thighs, and drumsticks from Goffle Road Poultry Farm are brined for two days in a mix of 15 herbs and spices, dredged in seasoned cornmeal flour, rested, and fried until crisp and super-juicy.

Left: Executive Chef Pasquale Abbatiello; Right: pork chop with béarnaise.

2. Pork Fat Rules

You can’t venture south of the Mason-Dixon line without a whole lot of pork products. From the collards braised with fistfuls of onion and smoky bacon to the beer-steamed mussels packing double pork (country ham and andouille sausage), pork fat makes everything better.

Left: Lots of whiskeys behind the bar; Right: a rye and apple brandy cocktail.

3. So Does Whiskey

There are more than 125 types of whiskey and bourbon behind the bar, from NY-produced Hudson Baby Bourbon and Old Rip Van Winkle to 18-year-old Scotch. The menu also has a large selection of tequila and plenty of whiskey cocktails, from Old Fashioneds to smashes.

Jalapeño-studded mac ’n’ cheese

4. Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

Yes, the classics are classics for a reason, but Southern Table doesn’t shy away from giving dishes a new twist. Think slow-cooked chili turned into a cheesy dip, deviled eggs with hummus and roe, a kale salad with pimento-Caesar dressing, and gargantuan portions of must-order mac ’n’ cheese studded with plenty of bacon and spicy pickled jalapeños.



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