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This Cocktail Recipe From The Blind Pig Is Holiday Goodness in a Glass

AdobeStock/Yulia Furman

Cheers to the festive season in Westchester with this creamy cold brew cocktail — and don’t forget the pumpkin-spiced whipped cream on top.

Thanksgiving Eve is traditionally a big night out at the bar, but not so much this year with pandemic restrictions in place. However, since there’s no rule against home-based holiday debauchery (with no more than 10 of your closest friends and relations), Westchester Magazine has obtained an exclusive fall-themed cocktail recipe from The Blind Pig of Westchester, the hip, speakeasy-style bar in White Plains, where Ireland’s meticulous mixologists Daniel Cahill and James Brennan craft original, inventive cocktails with finely curated ingredients and laser-focused attention to detail. So, bottom’s up, cheers, and happy Thanksgiving!

Photo courtesy of The Blind Pig of Westchester

LT Dan’s Cold Brew

• 1.5 oz Tullamore D.E.W.
• 1.5 oz cold brew coffee
• .5 oz vanilla syrup

• Pumpkin-spiced whipped cream (recipe below)
• Cinnamon, nutmeg, coffee beans for garnish

Add first three ingredients to glass filled with ice. Stir, then strain over ice into a rocks glass. Top with whip, and garnish with nutmeg, cinnamon, and/or coffee beans, to taste.

Photo courtesy of The Blind Pig of Westchester

Pumpkin-Spiced Whipped Cream

6 oz heavy cream
2 oz pumpkin syrup or pumpkin-flavored coffee creamer

In a shaker bottle, combine heavy cream with pumpkin syrup or flavored creamer; shake vigorously, then layer on cocktail, and enjoy!

The Blind Pig of Westchester
174 Martine Ave
White Plains