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Where to Find Rainbow Food in Westchester for Pride Month

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These decadent, sweet, and savory creations are delicious all year long, but doubly so when we’re celebrating LGBTQ+ pride.

By Dave Zucker and Zach Gibbs

It’s no secret we love food, and visual appeal is often the first sense to bask in our favorite indulgences. No wonder, then, that the vibrancy of pride month lifts not just our spirits but our appetites with delectable and colorful creations. Delight your taste buds with these festive rainbow dishes in Westchester.

Aqui Es Santa Fe’s Color Wave Empanadas

32 Broad St, Port Chester; 914.305.1060

We always love a tasty empanada, but these bite-sized “color wave” iterations are as Instagrammable as they are delicious. Made with natural colorings like beet root extract, spinach concentrate, and cuttlefish/squid inks, these babies come in both traditional and inventive flavors like beef, chicken, cheese, cheese and guava, ham and pineapple, blueberry goat cheese, and more. $3.15 each (minimum order of 3) or $32 for a dozen.

Photo by John Bruno Turiano

Beascakes’ Rainbow Mini-Donuts

575 Main St, Armonk; 914.273.3612

These adorable mini-donuts (not donut holes; those are separate) come filled or dipped in colorful icing, and are eminently poppable, making them a perfect party purchase. If you want to just grab a bunch for yourself though, we’re not going to judge. (Grab a couple of rainbow-decorated sugar cookies while you’re at it.) $4.50 each or $9 for a dozen.

Bona Bona’s Over the Rainbow Milkshake

10 Westchester Ave, Port Chester; 914.481.5712

Make like Dorothy and ditch Kansas. Port Chester is where it’s at, thanks to this monster milkshake from the ice cream connoisseurs at Bona Bona. Made by blending the house rainbow cookie ice cream, each one sports multiple rainbow cookies embedded in a buttercream rim, topped with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. $9 per milkshake.

Rainbow milkshake

Photo by Dave Zucker

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Rainbow Cookie Cheesecake Empanada From El Barrio

1875 Summerfield St, Scarsdale

Rainbow. Cookie. Cheesecake. Empanada. Let that sink in. Then try it. Then try four more. The Nutella may be El Barrio’s most popular dessert, but this bright and fluffy version is the sleeper hit of the summer. $5 each.

Rainbow empanadas

Photo courtesy of El Barrio

Six-Layer Rainbow Cake From Flour and Sun Bakery

19 Washington Ave, Pleasantville; 914.495.3232

Flour and Sun sells colorful sweets all year long — from cookie platters to simple and elegant cupcakes frosted with multicolored swirls — but the must-order is the classic rainbow slice: six layers of alternating color bands and homemade vanilla buttercream, iced with more buttercream and covered in sprinkles. $5 per slice.


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Practically Anything at Homestyle Desserts

24 South Water St, Peekskill; 914.737.4659

A perennial Best of Westchester winner, this old-school bakery regularly churns out their iconic rainbow cookies — including traditional rainbow cookies embedded in chocolate chip cookies. Say when. Or get yourself a slice of rainbow cheesecake because you deserve to treat yourself. Prices vary.

Rainbow cake

Photo courtesy of Homestyle Bakery