Pour: Mount Kisco’s Fantastic Homestyle Bar

We were pretty sure we were trespassing on private property when we walked up to Pour. The Victorian-style house in Mount Kisco seemed more like a private residence than a bustling bar. Passing a group of patrons drinking on the porch, we entered through what may or may not have been a back entrance. One of the most interesting things about Pour is the floor plan. Rather than the usual open-concept bar space, the original layout of the house was utilized. A series of cozy, candlelit rooms fosters quiet conversation over some truly fantastic drinks. If you’re feeling a bit more social, enter the main bar area, which is also on the smaller side, and order a Negroni and some soft, warm pretzels. The bartender knows his stuff; he stirred the Negroni (as a Negroni always should be), delicately mixing the gin, vermouth, and bitters—making it sweetly aromatic, with the perfectly biting booziness of the gin. Even better, he was able to keep up a good conversation and was more than willing to answer all our burning questions about wine and liquor.