Pork Heaven: House-Cured Ham and Sausage at Harvest-on Hudson

House-cured meats and pickles at Harvest-on-Hudson.

We’re talking pork-gasm, folks. Chef Vincent Barcelona and his crew at Harvest-on-Hudson are just teasing those pencil-pushers at the Health Department by hanging their own house-dried, air-cured meats. Even if it is a bit scary, I really just don’t care: our motto here at Eater is always, “Just Say Yes.”

Hanging in the chilly wine room is the mother lode of parts packed in guts; look for peppery, hard salamis; copicola; soppressata; papery lomo; silky prosciutto; and pink, white-flecked mortadella. These guys are hanging two whole pigs per month (all minutely vivisected then reassembled into hams and sausages), then offering the result as a special on the appetizer menu. Of course, they’re pickling their own tomatoes and peppers, too.