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Pelham Pizza's Sausage Pizza: Perhaps Oversold, But Excellent Nonetheless


When The Daily Meal put out its “101 Best Pizzas in America” list earlier this year, we were curious to see if they moseyed their way up to the county to try any Westchester gems. Scrolling through the list, we stopped at number 85: Pelham Pizza. Singled out for its sausage pie specifically, The Daily Meal commends the eatery for its “soul-satisfying, thin-crust, family-pleasing New York-style pies that deliver without the fuss.”

Ever the investigators we are here at Westchester Magazine, we had to try Pelham Pizzas’ sausage pie. Sitting in one of the hard-to-come-by booths in the narrow, hallway-like pizzeria, we eagerly ordered a sausage pie. The waitress eagerly pointed to the printed-out Daily Meal article hanging above the counter, lest we not know the pie is one of the best in the country.

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When the pie arrived, it most certainly looked delicious. Large bits of sausage covered the perfectly melted mozzarella, itself covered in a shimmer of grease. If The Daily Meal judged on looks alone, I can see why it’s on the list. After letting it cool a bit, I finally had a bite. The dough was on the thinner side, and not crisp like some overdone pizzas can be. It was a bit flimsy, but held the mountains of sausage topping it. The mozzarella was perfectly stringy, and the sauce not too heavy. And the sausage—which we learned, a bit disappointingly, is not made in house—adds a spicy, almost salty note to each bite, giving the slice a great balance.

After a few slices, we determined that the sausage pizza at Pelham Pizza is definitely one of the better pies in the county—it was good, but didn’t completely blow us away. As for top 100 in the country, well, we’ll respectfully disagree with The Daily Meal.

You can read The Daily Meal‘s full list of the 101 Best Pizzas in America here.


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