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Peekskill Coffee House’s Traveling ‘Sideshow’ Will Perk You Up


Get ready to see a new — yet familiar — face among Westchester food trucks at local gatherings. Just completed and rolling into to its first events this season, the Peekskill Coffee House Sideshow is making its grand debut.

The idea of taking the much-loved coffee house’s drinks and small bites mobile has long gestated in the mind of PCH owner Sunny Cover. “Well I’ve actually been envisioning a coffee truck for quite a few years,” she says. “Every few months when we don’t want to do what we should be doing we’d go dreaming, do a little vision quest online. This one particular time we found this coffee truck in Vermont. It’s adorable and looks like a tiny house.”

“I have a really strong team that is really interested in expanding the business and expanding their coffee knowledge and getting ready to work. The trailer and the staff combined with the energy that my staff brings … it was just like ‘Lets go for this. Lets do it.’”

Patrons can expect all of their café favorites at the Sideshow, from assorted coffee blends to lattes, cold brew, nitro, espresso drinks like Americanos and frappuccinos, and even non-coffee beverages like iced tea, smoothies, and lemonade.

Fans of PCH’s signature crepes will be frothing at the snack menu: In addition to a few other assorted snacks and small bites, the Sideshow will be prominently featuring sweet and savory waffles. Choices include bacon-egg-and-cheese, ham-and-cheese, lavender-lemon, and even the decadent cinnamon bun.

Sporting its brand-new logo, the PCH Sideshow made its very first appearance this weekend at Peekskill’s own Summer Sounds Festival. Upcoming stops include the Hudson Valley Expo on August 3, Hopewell Junction’s Rust Riot on August 11, and then back to Peekskill for Nashkill on September 7. Cover is also working with the City of Peekskill to obtain a permit that would allow the Sideshow to park semi-permanently down by the train station when not otherwise servicing local events and festivals. Not a bad morning commute.