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Nut-Milk Coffee Lands In Westchester Juice Bars And Dunkin Donuts


While it's only a matter of days until iced coffee gets expunged from your beverage-consideration thought bubble, know that there's a new cold java game in town—popping up in juice bars, of all places. They've been moving in on caffeine with bottled blends of coffee and nut milk, boosted with ingredients such as nutmeg and dates. These drinks appeal to the growing contingent of people who routinely use nut milk—Dunkin Donuts just added almond milk to most of its stores!—and they're not bad. Although if you like your coffee super sweet—August pumpkin spice latte adopters, I'm talking to you—you’re out of luck.

New Pure Food & Drink in Tuckahoe has a 100 percent organic menu of juice blends, raw nut milk drinks, burritos and bowls (including the markedly non-vegetarian chicken, fish, beef, and pork), raw desserts, and these coffee blends, made with almond or cashew milk and coconut, cacao, dates, cane sugar, and Himalayan sea salt—all $8, a pricey cup of joe, to be sure. Andy's Pure Food in Rye now has shelves of cold-brewed coffee blended with Brazil nut, cashew, and almond milk, with dates and spices—also pleasant tasting and worlds healthier than a Frappuccino, but for a whopping $9.50. And Organic Pharmer, an "organic café" that opened last spring in Rye Brook, offers both caffeinated and decaf organic almond-milk lattes and chai.

As juice bars shift toward trendier bottled, cold-pressed juice (which retains more nutrients but is more expensive to produce) versus juicing to order, they have an opportunity to throw different kinds of drinks into those rows of bottles. And the preternaturally clean atmosphere of juice bars lends a certain virtuous appeal to your beverage—if a hot-blooded calorie made it onto the floor, it would wander around in confusion. But what will we do when we want the warm version of these coffees? We can only hope the juicerias will get wise and start selling guilt-free pumpkin spice latte; early October would be just fine.

Glug glug.

Pure Food & Drink, 5 Fisher Ave, Tuckahoe (914) 771-7873

Andy’s Pure Food, 46 Purchase St, Rye (914) 967-2332

Organic Pharmer15 Rye Ridge Plaza, Rye Brook (914) 481-4300


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