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National Tequila Day Recipes From Westchester Favorites


As if there aren’t already enough excuses to drink in the summer, this Thursday marks yet another day built for booze; National Tequila Day. The holiday celebrates the strong, Mexican alcohol enjoyed by millions, collected by thousands, and made by a few. So if you haven’t already hit your margarita max this summer, start your weekend early and celebrate the drink that’s caused some of our greatest nights and most painful mornings.

Tequila must be made in Mexico for it to be considered the real thing. So since most of us won’t be celebrating with a trip to Mexico, head to Bartaco or Palomino (to name two) to get some of the authentic south-of-the border stuff.

Bartaco, Port Chester

House Margarita
·       Maestro dobel reposado
·       Combier liqueur d’orange
·       Agave syrup
·       Lime juice

Rosita #2
·       Espolon reposado
·       Acai liqueur
·       Lemon juice
·       Petchauds bitters
·       Muddle rosemary

Palomino, Larchmont

Blood Orange and Jalapeno Margarita
·       Sauza Tequila
·       Freshly squeezed Lime
·       Orange Liquor
·       Jalapeno
·       Blood Orange Puree


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