Mint Premium Foods Brings Scandinavian Sweets To Westchester

Stock up on Swedish fish, salt licorice, and other scrumptious candies in and around Westchester.

Where can you get those salty, chewy licorice candies popular in Scandinavia and the Netherlands? Find them at Mint Premium Foods, where you can go Pippi Longstocking-wild mixing and matching from rows of jars. Salt fish, banana monkeys, Tootsie-Roll-like sticks, pastilles…I’ve tried them all for you in the name of science.

Fun-house properties include increased saltiness as you chew, rock hard sucking candies turning ridiculously chewy, and mysterious menthol undertastes—plus the strange power to make you want them again. The salty creatures (“salmiak”) are covered not with actual salt but with ammonium chloride (which has a history as a cough medicine, if you’re looking for some excuse here). Find them also at A Taste of Holland in South Norwalk, CT—which you should not miss if you’re there—and at Sockerbit in Manhattan.