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Mangonadas Are the Mexican Summer Treat You’ve Been Craving


Paletas are Mexican popsicles, and paleterias are where you’ll find them. Experience the wondrous rainbow of homemade pops (watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, kiwi, blackberry) or indulge in a milk-based bar, with avocado, chocolate, pecan, or the crowning glory, a coffee popsicle.

Yet good paleterias have more in store, like mangonadas (aka chamangos), a delicious mango-based fruit drink. Versions vary, but each marries two ingredients: mango ice with an accent called chamoy sauce. Chamoy is a fruit dip created from salt-pickled fruit — apricot, mango, tamarind, plum — with lime juice and chilies.

At outposts of Paleteria la Michoacana (Mount Vernon, Yonkers), a perfect mangonada awaits in a large cup with chamoy swirled around the inside and soft, fruit-flecked mango ice piled to the rounded top. If you’d like, choose to drink from a paja de tamarindo — a sipping straw caked with tamarind, chili, and salt.

Or order a chamango at Paleteria Fernandez (Port Chester, Mamaroneck), and they’ll blend you up a more homogenized version: tangy, reddish, and less frozen. Or, select a cup of mango ice topped with chamoy, and if you wish, fresh fruit and candy. Any version benefits from a shake of tajin: a simple but addictive seasoning made from chilies, limes, and salt.


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