The Larchmont Winter Farmer’s Market Carries Fantastic Finds

The Larchmont Winter Farmer’s Market stocks scrumptious essentials. Adobe Stock/ eqroy

‘Tis the season for kale, squash, clementines, and more goodies easily grabbed from this Saturday market in Westchester.

If you’ve driven on I-95 heading north from lower Westchester, you might notice that, on Saturdays, what is usually a busy train station parking lot is now speckled with the tops of tents peeking out from atop the overpass. Take the exit and don’t forget your reusable shopping bags; one trip to the Larchmont’s Winter Farmer’s Market and they’ll fill up faster than the Grand Central express train. These are some can’t-miss tables at the market — and tell them we said hi!

Blessed Brew

Gut health is on trend, ladies and gents. And there is no easier way to keep your stomach’s microbiome on par than with fermented foods such as kombucha and sauerkraut. Blessed Brew is a small-batch, locally brewed kombucha that is both a tonic for good health and a delicious beverage for when you’re craving something bubbly. Beat the change of season sniffles with the fire cider sipping vinegar and never have to taste syrupy cold medicine again.

La Trafila Pasta

Two words: Stuffed. Gnocchi. No, this isn’t a drill. Brooklyn-based La Trafila owners Jiselle and Luigi Speranza are bringing flavors such as cacio e pepe, parmesan and black truffle, and rosemary gnocchi with a goat cheese stuffing. Blooming with flavors and incredible freshness from the train station parking lot to your pasta pot, don’t say we didn’t warn you about the addictive quality of these little pasta pillows of joy.

Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery

Located in the Adirondacks and using fresh mountain water to distill their spirits, you’d never know these flavorful small-batch liquors are made in a renovated horse barn. That clean, unprocessed, local spring water lends itself to the spirits for smoothness in each sip. The variety of labels seems endless: Two Sisters Vodka, Sly Fox Gin, and Adirondack High Rye Bourbon are just a handful of cocktail companies you can grab on a Saturday morning. And with their prices rivaling big brands like Tito’s Vodka for the same volume, the choice is easy: Buy a handle of vodka and stimulate the local economy.

American Pride Seafood

No one likes going to the seafood department of the supermarket, making eye contact with their dinner from the other side of the display case, and wondering how long that fish has been sitting on a bed of crushed iced, mouth agape.  If you’re picking your protein up from American Pride Seafood, that question is eliminated. Selling some of the freshest, locally caught seafood for 15 years, there’s little speculation that what you’re about to bring home was in the ocean before the weekend hit. Pro Tip: The fresh clams are ideal for a platter of clams casino (and ask them about their sushi-grade filets).

Gaia’s Breath Farm

A philosopher walks onto a farm. No this isn’t the setup for a dad joke, but rather the origin story of the organic farm, Gaia’s Breath, located in Jordanville. Mark Santoro was working on his Ph.D. in philosophy before he decided to start the farm, a massive 240 acres of land nestled between the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains. Mixing new technology with old foundational methodologies, he and his partner now grow 35 different varieties of organic vegetables and raise heritage pork and pastured mother’s-milk-fed veal. Pick up their heirloom pumpkin for a fresh take on a vegetable we’re more used to seeing in lattes and make yourself a sophisticated supper.

Goode and Local by Don Rodrigo

On a 12-acre farm in Sussex, NJ and several satellite fields in Warren County, crossbred and pure-bred Alentejano hogs and Mangalitsa pigs roam, foraging the grains and grasses of the landscape. The hogs are also fed a smorgasbord of blueberries, broccoli, bell peppers, and other excess locally-grown fresh produce. If you’ve never tried Mangalitsa meat, you’re in for a party on your palate. With a heartier and nuttier flavor than the standard strip of bacon, this special slice will elevate any meal. And when grilling season falls upon us, the sliders are a can’t-miss.

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