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Where to Get the Best Ice Cream Cake in Westchester

Photos by Andre Baranowski

We sampled five ice cream cakes, crunchies and all, to find the best that Westchester’s sweet shops have to offer.

Whether you eat it with a fork or spoon (fork is correct, btw), ice cream cake is a slice of heaven, especially come summertime. But where to find the (ice) cream of the crop? We cooled down our test kitchen to sample five contenders.

ice cream

It is a universally acknowledged truth that an ice cream cake brought to a party instantly elevates the occasion. To do the full depth of our civil service to the citizens of Westchester, we taste-tested five ice cream cakes from local shops to determine which store (and better yet, which flavor combos) will secure your future invites to shindigs across the county.

The Chic Update

Main Street Sweets, Tarrytown

The take on Carvel’s trend brings luscious vanilla ice cream to the forefront of your taste buds. The addition of crunchies and cookie dough sprinkled on top add a jolt of flavor without being too sweet.

cookie dough cakes

vanilla chocolate

-Staff Favorite-

The Grown-Up Twist

Ice Cream Social, White Plains

While whimsical on the outside, this cake means business inside. Salted caramel pretzel tangos with cappuccino Kahlua for a deliciously decadent bite, with added texture from the Oreo crumble.

blue ice cream cakes

blue frosting cakes

The Classic

Carvel, Harrison

How could we leave out a birthday party staple that’s also native to Westchester (the first Carvel storefront was opened in Hartsdale in 1936.) The classic vanilla/chocolate combo has stood the test of time, but the best part will always be digging the crunchies out.

ice cream cakes

crunchy cake

The Rich & Luxurious

Longford’s Ice Cream, Rye

This small-batch ice cream transforms into a cake fit for royalty. Fudgy chocolate chunk and salted caramel Oreo will bring you back for more.

chocolate ice cream cakes

white cakes

The Purist

Penny Lick Ice Cream, Hastings-on-Hudson

A deviation from the standard two-flavor layered equation, this cookies-and-cream cake has silky whipped topping and a galaxy of cookie chunks. Bonus points for the chocolate-shell drip around the circumference.

sprinkles on cakes

vanilla ice cream cakes

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