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Where to Go for the Hautest Hot Dogs in Westchester

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In the mood for a frank? Whether you like ’em classic with ketchup or loaded with all the fixings, you’ll find the perfect dog at these spots.

In the same way that Westchester gourmands know that they’re a short drive from the most fine, upscale meal, hot dog lovers — and there are plenty out there — have their favorite local spots for doggy dining. Just in time for the Fourth of July, here are some of our favorite franks.

Dobbs Dawg House

25 Cedar St, Dobbs Ferry; 914.693.5555

Naked hot dogs, specialty dogs, build-your-own dogs, and dessert dogs, Dobbs Dawg House seemingly has it all with over 60 toppings from which to choose. Toppings include homemade chili, melted cheese jalapenos, Fritos, and, seriously, Fruity Pebbles. And if all that’s not enough, they serve tater tots, a hard-to-find delicacy in Westchester County. Let that sink in for a moment…tater tots.

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The Dog Den

1 Main St, White Plains; 914.328.3288

It’s been three years since Dennis Rubich converted the former historic bus depot in White Plains into a hot dog haven, and local frankfurter connoisseurs have celebrated ever since. Dubbing itself “home of fun on a bun,” The Dog Den features a super-creative mix of specialty dogs including The Swissy Shroom with cheese and mushrooms, and the Bill Murray, a modernized Chicago-style dog. And if you’re taller than Rubich (he’s seven foot one) you’ll eat for free.

Dougie’s Standby

604 Main St, Port Chester; 914.939.0022

Port Chester locals know that Dougie’s Standby is the place for hot dogs with homemade chili. While every day is hot dog day at Dougie’s Standby, Wednesday is extra special with a twofer: buy one hot dog, get one hot dog free. The luncheonette also serves up breakfast, burgers, steak wedges, and grilled chicken.

Epstein’s of Hartsdale

387 N Central Ave, Hartsdale; 914.428.5320

Epstein’s has been cooking and serving its family recipes since 1969, and its hot dog is a great way to be part of its no-frills history. It’s a Hebrew National, and it comes with sauerkraut, relish, or coleslaw. More open-minded gourmands can try the Pita Dog, with two hot dogs, plus mustard and pickles. Instead of chips, go for the knish (never pass on a knish from a Kosher deli).


24 N Main St, Port Chester; 914.305.3107

“Pat’s,” “Hubba Hubba,” “Hubba’s” … Whatever you grew up calling this Port Chester late night mainstay, you know the chili dogs are out of this world. Celebrate Hubba’s centennial this year by ordering up a pair of chili cheese dogs, and don’t forget the Hubba water!

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Walter’s Hot Dogs

937 Palmer Ave, Mamaroneck; 914.500.5029
186 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains; 914.397.9406

Walter’s Hot Dogs is a Westchester institution for good reason: Its history goes all the way back to 1919, its stand in Mamaroneck is a national historic landmark, and the dogs are made from an exclusive blend of beef, pork, and veal. They’re split down the middle, grilled in a secret sauce, served on a toasted bun with signature mustard, and with one bite, they’ll make you forget all about those DWD’s (dirty water dogs) you find in New York City.

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