8 Spots to Sip Indulgent Hot Chocolate in Westchester County

We’re cuckoo for these cups of cocoa.

Photo courtesy of BXVL

When the chocolate craving strikes, look no further than these sweet shops for comforting cups of cocoa that make every winter day better.

By Michelle Gillan Larkin, Hannah Teligades, Melissa Kagan, and Dave Zucker

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a steaming cup of hot chocolate can surely chase the winter blues away. Sweet and smooth, or rich and slightly bitter, the creamy cups of cocoa at cafes across the county come in a tempting variety guaranteed to please the palate of even the most discerning chocoholic.

So, bottom’s up while the temps are down(ish)! Here are some of the sweetest spots to sip hot chocolate in Westchester. And, maybe have that apple on the side, just to be safe.

BXVL Coffee House

2 Station Plaza, Bronxville; 914.600.8139

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Probably the furthest thing from Swiss Miss (no disrespect), this indulgent mug requires minimal sugar because of rich European chocolate that is crumbled up and carefully hand-blended with hot water. According to owner Charu Rana, the process creates a distinct, rich aroma that the whole shop can smell. And, the drink looks pretty, too, since it’s topped with steamed milk, latte art, and whipped cream.

hot chocolate BXVL
Courtesy BXVL Coffeehouse

City Limits Diner

200 Central Ave, White Plains; 914.686.9000

When Old Man Winter blows into town, we make a beeline for City Limits. In the winter (year-round, really), nothing beats a rich and creamy cup of City Limits’ famed Valrhona hot chocolate and house-made marshmallows. With a touch of cinnamon and vanilla bean, this is a layered, nuanced cup of chocolatey perfection. Pro tip: Pair it with a s’mores cookie for maximum choco-bliss.

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Cocoa Chocolate Shop

2107A Boston Post Rd, Larchmont; 914.834.6464

At this quaint, locally renowned confectionery, the hot chocolate is more like a thin pudding than a drink, but it still goes down just as easy. This decadent potion flows from a hunk of superior Belgian dark chocolate that is blended simply with whole milk. Served in a four-ounce espresso cup — just the right amount, but you’ll still leave wanting more — it can be topped with a homemade marshmallow or unsweetened whipped cream.

cocoa - hot chocolate
Photo by Isabelle Owens | Photo courtesy of Cocoa Chocolate Shop

Coffee Labs

7 Main Street, Tarrytown; 914.332.1479

If you have ever stopped by the shop on Main Street, then you are familiar with the elaborate foam art the team creates on lattes and cappuccinos. Unsurprisingly, they make a mean hot chocolate (with or without the art) as well. What’s the secret? It’s all in the sauce. The Coffee Labs crew steams up Black Label Ghirardelli sauce (liquid gold, anyone?) with any type of milk you want and will add whipped cream, should you desire it.

hot chocolate
Photo courtesy of Coffee Labs

Ice Cream Social

481 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains; 914.358.4323

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We’ll forgive you for thinking an ice cream shop might not be the place to score a steamy cup of liquid chocolate. But here they serve Grade-A hot chocolate that’s made even creamier by the addition of the frozen treat. Standard vanilla is the go-to; however, any of the shop’s flavors work just as well, including mint chocolate or spicy peppermint, as well as toppers like whipped cream or marshmallows. You can even get vegan hot chocolate with vegan brownie batter.

peppermint cocoa at Ice Cream Social
Courtesy Ice Cream Social

The Kneaded Bread

181 N Main St, Port Chester; 914.937.9489

The hot chocolate at this always bustling Port Chester bakery is born from a whopping 10-pound bar of semi-sweet American chocolate that is melted into a thick, lusciously dark lava. It’s swirled with milk, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla, then left to simmer slowly in a heavy pot for several hours. It’s stirred gently and often.

When a customer craves a cuppa, the brew is poured and whipped into foamy bliss with the cappuccino machine’s frother, resulting in a simple, wholesome cup that begs to be sipped slowly and on the daily.

cocoa at the kneaded bread
Photo courtesy of The Kneaded Bread

Mast Market

92 S. Moger Ave. Mt. Kisco; 914.733.9020

Not all hot chocolates are created equal, and the special blend from this organic market certainly stands out from the rest of the cocoa crowd. The delicious signature blend consists of 80-percent handcrafted dark chocolate, made from the exact organic cacao as the brand’s famous Tanzanian chocolate, plus your favorite steamed milk. “I recommend whole milk or oat milk,” suggests Rick Mast, CEO and co-founder. The finishing touch, if you see fit, can be whip and/or a marshmallow, both house-made. Pro tip: Shop around while sipping your comfort in a cup and pick up a bag of cocoa mix for home, or purchase a product marked with a “giving heart,” which means it will be matched with a donation to a local food pantry.


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Mint Premium Foods

19 Main St, Tarrytown; 914.703.6511

Inside the walls of this ultra-cozy Rivertowns Mediterranean café and gourmet market, those in the know sip Parisian-style cocoa at communal tables beneath an eye-catching tin ceiling. This sophisticated indulgence, resembling molten chocolate, is comprised mainly of Belgian bars with a few French truffles tossed into the mix for good measure. The ingredients are melted and steamed together with milk to yield what Moroccan-born owner Hassan Jarane describes as “liquid gold.” Whip and marshmallows are optional for this dark beauty because, as he points out, “it’s good just by itself.”


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