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Head North For Putnam County's Eat Smart Restaurant Week


Dining out doesn’t have to mean over-indulging. And although we in Westchester like to be the leaders in everything, this time Putnam County beat us to the draw. From September 7 to 21, Putnam is hosting Eat Smart Restaurant Week at its local eateries.

During that time, each of the participating restaurants—and more than 40 have signed up so far—will offer two or three healthy menu options. And we mean really healthy, since nutritionists from the Putnam County Department of Health (which is sponsoring the event) will be there to make sure they meet healthy guidelines for fat, calories, and sodium. The meals will also come in healthy portion sizes, have loads of veggies, use healthy oils, and will made with fresh ingredients.

Restaurants include Angelina’s and Hudson Hil’s Café and Market in Cold Spring, Dante’s Trattoria and Arturo’s Tavern in Mahopac, and the Red Rooster Drive-In and Clock Tower Grill Kitchen and Bar in Brewster. Add on an activity like kayaking in Cold Spring with Hudson River Expeditions or biking up to Brewster on the North County Trailway, and you’ve got yourself a pretty healthy day trip.

But if leaving our beloved county is too troubling to even contemplate, don’t despair! You can always head back to a Best of Westchester restaurant or bar instead and save the road trip for another day. Or year.