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GE’s New Cold- and Hot-Water-Dispensing Refrigerator


We admit it took a minute to wrap our heads around this one. But when we did—wow! How ever did we live without a refrigerator featuring a built-in hot-water dispenser? GE’s new 29-cubic-foot Café French Door model, the first such refrigerator in the industry, can heat up to 12 ounces of filtered water in two minutes—perfect for preparing tea, hot cocoa, oatmeal, or baby formula. In order to simplify hot food and drink preparation, the dispenser allows you to select a specific temperature from 90°F to 185°F, or choose one of four pre-programmed settings (90°F for warm, 150°F for cocoa, 170°F for tea, or 185°F for soup). Tea aficionados are said to be particularly enamored of this feature, as correct water temperature is seen as the key to making the perfect cuppa.  For example, delicate green and white teas prefer cooler water—water that is steaming, rather than boiling, ensures that the leaves don’t burn and muddy the brew. The refrigerator also includes an advanced water-filtration system, adjustable temperature-controlled drawer, and odor filter. Available at Tiso Appliances in Pelham or Ralph’s Electric in Mamaroneck, the estimated retail price of GE’s Café French door refrigerator is $3,099.


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