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Feel It! Healthy Spot Gives Low-Cal a Delicious Twist in New Rochelle

A mini-doughnut at Feel It! won’t hit your waistline so bad. | Photo by Cristiana Caruso

A New Rochelle couple’s smoothie/juice bar specializes in health-minded drinks and snacks, including 30-calorie mini-doughnuts.

The smell of fresh doughnuts hits your nose the moment you enter Feel It! Healthy Spot in downtown New Rochelle. It’s a confusing sensation to behold at first, considering the menu of healthy protein smoothies and nutrient-packed natural energy drinks. But these are not the typical doughnuts that “America runs on”: These babies sport just 300 calories, with 30 grams of protein and only two grams of sugar in a serving of 10 (you didn’t just fever dream that) mini-doughnuts.

“It all started with the machine,” explains Anthony Rosa, who co-owns the shop with his wife, Milca. “We were looking for something that was easy to make. We found a machine that bakes mini-doughnuts, and then it became all about making a healthy recipe.”

But doughnuts aren’t the only faux cheat meal Feel It! is serving. It also cooks up protein waffles, smoothies that average 200 calories and 24 grams of protein, and energy drinks full of vitamins that will help you kick your coffee addiction to the curb. Feel It! even offers toppings to add to its binge-worthy doughnuts, like dulce de leche drizzle, shredded coconut, and chocolate sauce. If that couldn’t possibly sound more appealing to you, consider that all the syrup toppings are sugar-free (your waistband will thank you).

For the Rosas, this gambit of providing good-for-you snacks is why they chose to open the shop in New Rochelle. “We both have experience as health coaches,” explains Anthony, “and when we were looking for a place to rent a storefront, we noticed a real need for accessible healthy foods here.”

Feel It! Mini doughnut and smoothie

A mini-doughnut at Feel It! won’t hit your waistline so bad. | Photo by Cristiana Caruso

Beyond providing nutritional value to customers, the Rosas have also launched monthlong transformation challenges to get the community in tiptop physical shape. To do so, they’ve enlisted other local small businesses, including Orangetheory Mamaroneck, which offers free fitness classes for the duration of the challenge, and Westchester Taco Grill, which offers 15% off its meal-prepping service. The first-and second-place prizes for “Best Body Transformation” are $1,500 and $1,000, respectively.

“We get to be involved in the transformation at every level,” says Anthony, “and we love being able to use this to give back to our customers.”

Feel It! Healthy Spot
New Rochelle

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