Eat With Your Eyes: Calabria Mia In Yonkers

A visual guide to the offerings at this old-school (in a good way) Southern Italian restaurant.

By John Bruno Turiano

Don’t expect kale salads or wild-caught swordfish at this 140-seat restaurant along Central Avenue; instead, pretense-free cuisine influenced by Chef/Co-owner Michele Martelli’s hometown of Locri, Calabria.

Meatballs, chicken or veal scallopine, homemade tiramisu and ricotta cheesecake are all excellent chocies but the arancini and spicy Calabrian chicken in a white wine-rosemary-garlic sauce are two signatures not to miss at Calabria Mia.

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Calabria Mia
Cuisine: Southern Italian 
Most Entrées: $16.50-$23


A Classic Antipasti Spread


A must-try dish is the pollo casareccio (spicy Calabrian chicken) in a white wine-rosemary-garlic sauce with chicken on—or off-the-bone, sausage, onions, mushrooms, Calabrian peppers, and topped with tender sliced potatoes.


A take on lasagna with eggplant representing the pasta

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Calabria Mia’s signature arancini tipici meridionali, or pear-shaped rice ball stuffed with eggs, peas, and meat sauce. It’s surrounded by assorted breadcrumb-and cheese-stuffed vegetables.


Homemade fettucini with spicy sausage, porcini mushrooms, oysters, and cherry tomatoes


The tiramisu at Calabria Mia is made in-house.