Dish of the Week: Tres Leches at Sofrito in White Plains, NY

Butter seems to get the heavy rep in the pastry world, with the tattooed young cupcake killers flaunting their overindulgence in the semi-solid, yellowy fat. Butter may just be the bacon of the pastry world (that is, when it’s not bacon), but let’s take a moment to consider butter’s mother: cool, silky cream. This fat-soaked, super-premium product (skimmed from proletarian milk), forms the rich and rippling base of the classic Latin-American tres leches cake, a dessert made with the three milks: cream, sweetened condensed milk, and evaporated milk. While you can find many versions of this cake at as many restaurants around the county, Sofrito offers our newest favorite, based on a dense vanilla cake sitting on a bowl of rich, sweet “milks.” All this thing needs is some bacon to be perfect.