Diet Co– and Other Unfortunate Real-Life Menu Mishaps and Misspellings

Menu Faux Pas  

Okay so you went into the culinary arts, not the art of being an English teacher. I get it. But that’s all the more reason to run a spell check on your menu before you click the print button. In all my dining out-experiences, below are some of the menu misspellings I’ve come across.

Not a salad.

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Desert (Dessert): This is one of the most common—and the most easily goofed upon. “I’ll have a Gobi and my date will try the Sahara. Extra-dry sand on mine and extra blistering sand on hers please. And hold the water.” 

Linquini (Linguine/Linguini): Linguine means “little tongues” in Italian. Linquini? You got me on that one.

Foul (Fowl): I believe the owner of this restaurant was a big sports fan but still…

Pork Lion (Loin): There are certain animals too majestic to eat. A lion would be one of them.   

Cappucino/Capuccino (Cappuccino): One probably shouldn’t drink a cappuccino at a business that gets the spelling wrong. Plus, native Italians get steaming mad at this mispelling.   

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Expresso (Espresso): Expresso, when Googled, seems to only be a Portuguese newspaper or a Microsoft Office “workspace.” These things are not drinkable.

Cesar Salad (Caesar Salad): There’s Cesar Romero, who played The Joker from the 1960s Batman series. But a salad, nope.

Diet Co– (Diet Coke): Unfortunate in so many ways.