Deconstructing the Tarte Tatin from La Tulipe in Mount Kisco

Deconstructing Top Desserts from Top Bakers

by Maarten Steenman at La Tulipe Desserts
(7” for $35; 10” for $60)

Caramelized Top
Caramel is made by mixing unsalted butter, sugar, and a whole vanilla bean in a stovetop pan.

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Puff Pastry
Each tarte Tatin bakes for about 1½ hours (homemade puff pastry is added in the final 25 minutes of baking). From there, the tarte Tatin is removed from the oven and chilled in an ice bath. When cool, the pan is flipped and the tarte is taken out.

A signature La Tulipe touch, sugar is sprinkled atop the cooled tart and then melted by a 1500°F torch to add a smoky, caramelized finish.

Apple Filling
Steenman uses local, unsprayed (pesticide-free) apples, usually Red Delicious or McIntosh. The apples are peeled, cored, and sliced before being added to the cake pans and put in the oven. A 10-inch tarte Tatin may use 5 pounds of apples.

Serving Suggestion: Serve tarte Tatin at room temperature or cold, with whipped cream, a vanilla sauce, or vanilla gelato (available in the store). 455 Lexington Ave, Mount Kisco (914) 242-4555;

Photo by Sacha Ginsberg