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Crêpes, With an Unlikely Costar


When I wrote about crêpes for this magazine’s Eat. Drink. Post. blog, I thought I’d touched on all the best crêperies. Then someone told me I should have tried Good Food. People I asked hadn’t heard of it.

It does rate a place on the honor roll. But a funny thing happened as we stood watching John Chambal (former owner of Custom Cuisine catering in Tarrytown) prepare crêpes and chat with customers: People kept asking for fish tacos.

They were mentioned on the sandwich board outside, but not on the regular menu. Turned out it was “Taco Tuesday” (but they’ll improvise one at other times). Onto the griddle flew tortillas, to be stuffed with wild Atlantic flounder, chicken, or barbequed tofu and topped with green-chili-lime sauce, avocado, and pico de gallo.

Chambal knows the names of many of the customers, their kids, and even the kids’ favorite veggies. And he will tell you how, during the last power outage, Good Food was the go-to eatery because he buys fresh ingredients every day.

Meanwhile, as I strolled around the little retro dining room checking out local products for sale (such as Coffee Labs coffee, which they also serve in a French press), someone managed to score the last taco behind my back, and I had to return another day to find out how good they were.

But the crêpes—thin, stretchy, multi-layered—were devoured happily by all concerned. The lemon and sugar, one of my benchmarks, was the best I’ve had.

1205 Pleasantville Rd, Briarcliff Manor (914) 432-7981