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Chef Q&A: Wulfredo Boconsaca


Wulfredo Boconsaca
Augie’s Prime Cut Restaurant & Bar
3436 Lexington Ave, Mohegan Lake
(914-743-1357; augiesprimecut.com)


Drink of Choice…Coconut water. 

Favorite Guilty Pleasure Food…Warm, soft Toll House cookies covered in Nutella and ice-cold milk.

Culinary Hero…Jose Garces because he is Ecuadorian-American like me and a successful chef. He is an Iron Chef and beat the master, Bobby Flay, in 2008.

If Not a Chef, I’d Be an…astronaut.

Favorite Kitchen Utensil…The band saw. At Augie’s, we cut all of our own meat; nothing is pre-cut.

Last Book Read…I am working my way through the American classics; I just finished Cannery Row by Steinbeck.

I Never Eat…I can’t admit this to my kids, but I hate green beans.

Favorite TV Show…Chopped because there are such different types of chefs and I can pick up creative ideas from the varying styles.

I Hate It When You’re Dining at a Restaurant and…you can tell that the food has been sitting under the heat lamp because the chef didn’t correctly time his/her meal.

What Waiters Should Never Do…Forget that dining out is an experience and fail to treat the customer like it is one.

The Strangest Request From a Diner…We have a repeat customer who orders the Caesar salad but doesn’t want croutons and substitutes Caesar dressing with ranch dressing.

Favorite Form of Exercise…Playing soccer with my kids.

My Eating Disorder Is…In my spare time, I love to experiment with baking, so my disorder is trying everything I bake.
Favorite Pain Reliever…Sleep. 

My Favorite Website…I like blogs that share creative recipes from chefs around the world. My recent favorite is theinternationalcookingblog.com

My Dream Project Is…opening a cooking school in my hometown in Ecuador to teach younger people that anything is possible.

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