Cellar 49: The Medieval Westchester Bar

Brick pillars, heavy doors, castles, and cocktails.

The game room at Cellar 49 will have you feeling feudal.

As the heavy door crashed behind us, the wedding party in the lounge area of Cellar 49 looked up dubiously. Granted, Cellar 49 is in, well, the cellar of Tarrytown House Estate & Conference Center, which hosts its fair share of nuptials. Feeling a bit awkward, we made our way past plush leather couches and wood-accented brick pillars and took up a spot at the highly polished bar, which, with its exposed brick walls and vault-like feel, was befitting the castle-like mansion in which it is housed. While we were there early, it was almost preternaturally quiet. As far as cocktails go, we were impressed with the tequila-based Bloody Maria with a spicy kick. Then there’s the old-timey game room, housing a large pool table, a foosball table, darts, and even a long shuffleboard table. By the time we left, we felt like modern-day feudal lords, minus the warfare and peasant uprisings.