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9 Carb-Heavy Instagram Posts You Should Be Drooling Over Right Now


Stop! Do not step on that scale! You are awesome and beautiful in every which way, and we’re here to stan all that food you’ve been eating while stuck at home during quarantine. Mostly because we’ve been chowing down just as much, if not more.

How can you blame us when food looks this good?! In all seriousness, Westchester has a soft spot for carbs. Keep on scrolling for just a few carb-heavy delights local eateries have been posting on their Instagram feeds.

Okay, off to a big start here. If this is love at first sight, just wait to see what else is in store.


Breakfast carbs are our favorite carbs.


But, pasta carbs are a close second!


Delicious (and sanitary)!


Yes, if you serve us something like this we will lick the sides of the cup.


It’s easy to forget that beer is also a carb. We call that selective memory.


The bigger they are, the harder it is to take a bite.


Some might say Mt. Kisco Diner is going too far. Agree to disagree?


Carbs for a good cause!