Blue Hill Launches to Sell Gift Shop Items

There now are two new ways to spend loads of cash at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, as if going to dinner at the icon weren’t stinging enough. Blue Hill Market just launched, in time for the holidays, and promises the restaurant’s fans the chance to live an (almost) total Blue Hill lifestyle. Look for ceramics, glassware, linens, soaps, scents, T-shirts,and hats—honey, too. Our favorite picks are from the tableware used in the restaurant, like Brooklyn Slate Company’s slate trays, or Deborah Ehrlich’s long-necked glass beakers, which are locally designed in the Hudson Valley.

Or, if you’d like more face time with the stars of BHSB, you can surf over to Neiman Marcus, where you can buy a day trip of being fêted at the farm. You’ll get a four-course lunch, a cooking lesson from Chef-Kitchen Director Adam Kaye, and an edible garden lesson from Farmer Jack Algiere. Cost?  Oh, a cool $9,500. Or, for the Daddy Warbucks plan (the Luxury Weekend for Two), which includes an overnight stay at the Ritz-Carlton, Westchester, $20,000. Sadly, as much as I’d like to snicker (and, in fact, already have), all proceeds go to the non-profit Stone Barns Center, which benefits us all.