The Best Food and Drink Businesses and Restaurants in Westchester

LMNOP Bakery
Photo by Anne Mayhew

 – Editors’ Picks –

New Asian Restaurant


Westchester was lucky to welcome Top Chef star Dale Talde’s newest venture last year, but just how lucky only became apparent after diners cozied up to Goosefeather’s daring and delicious creations. From an inventive Brussels sprout salad enlivened by tamarind and peanuts to virtually unimpeachable prawn toast and pot stickers, Talde’s new restaurant has proved to be as creative as it is crave-worthy.

New Café (North County)

Jay Street Café

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Just two years after opening The Whitlock (2018’s Best New Restaurant, North County), Christina and Matt Safarowic debuted this casual, breakfast-and-lunch spot that ups the ante on luncheonette fare, featuring cottage fries with egg-yolk aioli and smoked paprika, breakfast corndogs, chimichurri-drizzled corned beef hash, a house-made corned beef Reuben, egg creams, Cherry Pepsi floats, and plenty of pies, cakes, and other classic American baked goods from pastry chef Tayler Kissam.

New Bread Baker

LMNOP Bakery

The artisan breads baked by Katonah resident Anne Mayhew are the antithesis of most any preservative-laden supermarket bread. Water, salt, wild yeasts and bacteria, and fresh-milled, locally sourced flour make up a no-nonsense ingredient lineup. The results? Breads such as polenta with aged cheddar, Bedford sourdough, and oatmeal-raisin porridge, where toothsome flavors come through in each bite.

New Café (South County)

Maple & Rose (closed)

Few eateries boast an ambience that matches its great food, but Maple & Rose impresses on both fronts, with lovingly crafted savories and sweets to go along with a warm, relaxed vibe you can enjoy for hours at a time. One of the county’s only all-day cafés, this Mamaroneck gem is a prime spot to score tartines atop Sullivan Street Bakery bread, superb roast chicken, or maybe just a ginger molasses cookie — or four.

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Sweet Potato Fries

Rye Roadhouse

There are some decent sweet potato fries in Westchester, but we just can’t get enough of the ones at Rye Roadhouse. Seasoned to perfection and just the right amount of crispy, they’re a must as a side order with any of the Roadhouse’s sandwiches, sliders, or burgers. Insider tip: Ask for a side of their beloved Cajun remoulade, and dip to your heart’s content.

Photo by B.A. Van Sise


First Village Coffee

Chill vibes, mismatched chairs, and specialty coffee from Dutchess County’s Irving Farm Coffee Roasters set this coffeehouse as an excellent destination for a respite from a hectic day. Affable co-owner Luis Corena is serious about his cortados, the espresso cut with a bit of steamed — but not frothy — milk, served European-style, with a shot of Pellegrino as a palate cleanser.

Wheely Good Eats

The best mobile fare the 914 has to offer.

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Photo courtesy of Pizza Vitale

New Food Truck

Pizza Vitale

If you see this silver box on wheels parked on the side of the road, pull over. Pizzaiolo Francesco Vitale learned to sling puffy-edged, crêpe-thin pies in Naples, and his slow-fermented pies are damn near perfect. The pesto pizza with charred pine nuts is one of the county’s best pies — made with imported 00 flour, Italian tomatoes, fior di latte mozzarella, and locally sourced toppings.

Greek Street Food

The Souvlaki Truck

This authentic Greek street-food staple can be found parked, midday Monday through Saturday, on the southbound side of Central Avenue (before Jackson Ave). You’ll be lured by the aroma from the custom charcoal-burning grill. Try the Greek salad with a grilled chicken souvlaki stick and sides of savory crispy Brussels sprouts and hand-cut oregano fries.

Photo by Andre Baranowski

BEC Pizza

White Plains

The cooking methods and ingredients learned from his Sicilian roots are the inspiration for David D’Amico’s exemplar thin-crust pies, cooked in minutes in a gold-tiled brick oven. The Bae, a spin on everybody’s favorite breakfast sandwich, is the frontrunner of the 11 or so creatively topped pies with bacon, egg, mozzarella cheese, and an everything-spice crust.

Colombian Restaurant

Aqui Es Santa Fe
Port Chester

A slightly healthier version of traditional Colombian cuisine (less heavy oils and fats, and more fresh herbs) can be had at this bright café led by partner Carlos Santos, where arepas are made from house-ground corn. Don’t miss one of the myriad refreshing sangrias or a selection of rainbow-colored (with natural concentrates) empanadas, like purple potato with ricotta and honey.

Photo courtesy of Dunwoodie Pizzeria

Pepperoni Slice

Spicy Pepperoni Square at Dunwoodie Pizzeria

Inspired by the famous spicy square from SoHo’s Prince Street Pizza, Yonkers institution Dunwoodie Pizza (open since 1970) created this nearly identical, light-and-airy grandma pie with crunchy, caramelized edges, chunky fra diavolo sauce, fresh mozzarella, and tons of crispy ’roni cups. No Metro-North ride required.

Sushi Party Platters

KUMO Sushi Lounge

Among the first trays to empty at any festive function is the sushi platter; this is especially true when it’s a KUMO platter. Like so many gleaming multicolored edible gemstones, the array of pristine fish combined with playful and artistic presentations guarantee your get-together will be elevated into a memorable, crowd-pleasing sushi shindig.

Bread and Butter

Soft Milk Buns and Whipped Crustacean Butter at Bread & Brine

This elevated fish shack with Chef Alex Sze’s East-meets-West menu highlights sustainable seafood sourced daily. Yet, what may be the most delicious dish is a bread appetizer: milk buns. Similar to a brioche or challah, but significantly lighter, these fluffy mini-rolls are paired with smooth butter that’s been flavored with lobster broth. Your expectations from a bread-and-butter plate will forever be transformed!


Revenge BBQ

Irvington could pass for small-town Texas thanks to the authentic ’cue at Jacob Styburski’s counter-service shop. The brisket (true aficionados know to ask for the marbled moist cut) is exactly like you’d find in the Lone Star State, seasoned aggressively with salt and coarsely cracked Malabar pepper and slow-smoked until it’s lusciously tender and rich, with plenty of stick-to-your-fingers barks.

Greek Yogurt

Route B

There is truth in advertising embedded in the menu notes about “nothing frozen, no preservatives” and “real Greek yogurt” at this takeout comfort-fare shop. Chef Michael Psilakis’ super-rich and creamy version — which he prepared for the first time with his mother as a young boy — is made from sheep’s, goat’s, and cow’s milk; a better rendition we dare you to discover.

Roast Chicken

Juicy Chicken
New Rochelle

Some power of Peruvian persuasion (aka 48 hours marinating in a blend of spices, soy sauce, and beer) creates the most perfect roast chicken at this casual NewRo spot. After a spin on the rotisserie, the birds — a half-chicken dinner will set you back just $12 — emerge with deeply burnished, addictive skin and ultra-tender, moist meat that truly lives up to the restaurant’s “Juicy” moniker.

Fried Oysters

Ocean House Oyster Bar & Grill

From a top county seafooder comes a top iteration of fried oysters: Bite through a crisp outer crust and into a tender middle, where your mouth is flooded with briny juices, and your nostrils fill with the aroma of a salty ocean gust. Also of note: The accompanying coleslaw is equally delicious.

New Tapas Bar

Tentempie Madrid

At this tiny, patterned-tiled jewel box (read: perfect for date night) cobbling together a meal of small plates is muy delicioso. The menu reads like a trip to Madrid or Barcelona, with all the classics, like platters of imported cured meats and cheeses, garlicky gambas al ajillo, mini-meatballs in almond-wine sauce, torta Espanola, pimento-laced octopus, boquerones, and, of course, paella. Finishing the meal with churros and chocolate is practically de rigueur.

Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

Torta con Milanesa de Pollo at Café La Fondita

It’s a hot take for sure, but the most delicious iteration of a chicken cutlet sandwich that we’ve had in Westchester isn’t a classic parm or wedge; it’s this Mexican version. Available for takeout only, it’s got more texture and flavor than what you’ll get at a corner deli, thanks to a smear of chorizo refried beans, seasoned mayo, buttery avocado, and spicy jalapeños.

Cacio e Pepe


When it’s done in the U.S., cacio e pepe has the Goldilocks conundrum: Sometimes it’s too bland; sometimes it’s too clumpy; sometimes it’s just right. At longtime Larchmont staple Lusardi’s, the execution of this Roman pasta definitely falls into the “just right” category, with a smooth, emulsified sauce, chewy ropes of fresh pasta, and plenty of appropriately piquant pepper and pungent pecorino.

Place to Eat Summer Tomatoes

Boro6 Wine Bar

Locally grown tomatoes are truly local at Boro6, where owners Jennifer Aaronson and Paul Molakides cultivate their own garden of more than 15 heirloom varieties for summer specials. Embodying the simple-is-better mantra, they range from thick slices of Sullivan Street Bakery bread topped with ricotta and super-sweet roasted tomatoes to platters of sliced heirlooms with imported olive oil and sea salt.

Just Desserts

Look no further than this septet of sweetsmongers to satisfy your sugar cravings.

Photo by Bret Boylan Photography


MAD Donuts
White Plains

Offering the breadth of fun flavors and types that you’d find in NYC’s top doughnut shops, baker Matt Moore’s large, yeast ring doughnuts — made fresh daily with brioche-style dough — are not overly sweet and made with artisan, never prepackaged, ingredients. Look for seasonal specialties, such as tart cherry iced, blood orange, and piña colada.


La Tulipe
Mount Kisco

One reader called this “the closest thing to a true patisserie in Westchester,” and it’s hard to argue, considering La Tulipe’s fleet of beautifully crafted tarts, French macarons, cakes, and other sumptuous creations. With owner and head baker Maarten Steenman practically a local baking legend at this point, there’s good reason this French-style patisserie is favorite among dessert lovers in the 914.

Sea-Salt Caramels

Tree of Chocolate

These soft, buttery caramels come doused in dark or milk chocolate and can be purchased in beautifully wrapped boxes, for the perfect hostess gift. Elect for the dusting of flake salt to make the flavors pop.

Coffee Cake

Seth Greenberg’s Just Desserts

Spawned by the son of New York City cookie icon William Greenberg Jr., this bakery offers plenty of mouth-watering baked goods, like sticky buns and rich chocolate brownies. However, their picture-perfect cinnamon-crunch coffee cake made with old-fashioned sourdough batter and crowned by a crispy top is truly a must-have Westchester treat.

Carrot Cake

Something Sweet (also available at Rory Dolan’s in Yonkers)

What’s the secret to the moistness in Donna Marone Cohen’s three-layer masterpiece, which transforms even carrot-cake foes into fanatics? To begin with, there are no nuts or raisins, which tend to dry carrot cake out, plus she cooks and purées the carrots, giving it a moistness infusion. Topping it off is a cream cheese frosting that’s sweet (but not overly so), luscious, and smooth.

Photo by Luli Burke

New Japanese Restaurant


There are typical Japanese restaurants, and then there’s Chef Brian Lewis’ Rye 52-seat hotspot, where the menu showcases modern and sometimes playful interpretations of traditional fare. There’s tempura shiso leaves served with whipped tofu and smoked trout roe, ramen egg with pickled onion and pork belly, and duck-and-foie-gras gyoza. Add in beautiful plating and numerous ingredients done in-house (e.g, miso, fermented rice, kimchi), and this becomes a must-do dining experience.


The Nook Eatery
New Rochelle

You’ll never settle for Sabra again after a stop at this strip-mall eatery, where owner Fatima Saleh whips up authentic hummus with plenty of patience and just a handful of ingredients. After cooking chickpeas (no canned beans here), Saleh blends them with lemon, garlic, and whipped tahini and ice water — an essential trick that gives The Nook’s hummus an ethereally light texture — until
the final product is silky smooth.

New Restaurant Concept

Eugene’s Diner & Bar
Port Chester

It’s a trippy sensation to step through the double doors at David DiBari’s newest spot, where mustard-yellow booths, loud wallpapers, a retro lunch counter, rotating cake display, and the playlist are like falling down a rabbit hole and landing in the 1970s. The menu is largely inspired by the same era, but the execution is firmly 2020, from the dry-aged minute steak and French toast with foie gras to the house-made griddled bologna sandwich and boozy milkshakes.

Photo by Matthew Mancuso

New Fast-Casual Concept

Fatt Root

Chef Mogan Anthony’s Malaysian upbringing puts an umami-packed spin on the light-and-healthy, quick-service concept. In place of the ubiquitous kale and quinoa, expect modern takes on Asian favorites, like Impossible plant-protein dan dan noodles; smacked papaya salad with crispy shallots, herbs, and tamarind; and make-your-own grain bowls with lemongrass, curry, Thai salmon, and more that make eating healthy feel effortless.

Caribbean Specialties

Alvin & Friends
New Rochelle

A multiyear Best of Westchester winner, Alvin & Friends offers authentic Contemporary Southern and Caribbean fare, the latter representing the pinnacle of the food of the islands in the county. Some must-haves include a Trinidadian saltfish fry-bake, jerk-rubbed duck breast, tostones and camarones in a tropical mango glaze, and chicken wings doused in house-made jerk or rum-punch sauce.

Japanese Street Food

My Tokyo

Responsibly sourced ingredients, a CIA-trained chef with experience at Manhattan’s Aureole, and interesting dishes inspired from the izakaya tradition (inexpensive Japanese pub-type fare and snacks) make this brick-and-wood BYO bistro a true foodie terminus. And most every entrée is less than $20.

Soup Dumplings

O Mandarin

A perfect exemplar of the dim-sum standard, the soup dumplings at this strikingly designed restaurant serving Mandarin and Sichuan classics are first-rate. Lifting the bamboo steamer lid reveals a sextet of steamy bulbous purses filled with pungent, rich pork and a robustly savory broth.

Indie Coffee Roaster

Coffee Labs Roasters

Snagging a seat at this ultra-cool Tarrytown coffee shop can be a daunting task nearly any time of day, a testament to the absolutely outstanding beans that they select, roast, and brew on-site. Plus, with “direct-trade” sustainable coffee that truly helps the people who grow the java, customers can also feel good about each and every cup they purchase.

Plant Rant!

These vegetarian/vegan dishes are so good, even carnivores will love ’em.

Vegetarian Jamaican Patties

Sadhana Tea House and Wellness Center
Mount Vernon

This holistic center, health-food store, and herbal pharmacy emphasizing balanced living and natural ways to keep the body healthy was founded in 1991 by herbalist and Tai Chi master Rev. Dr. Mother Khoshhali. Among her many fresh-baked vegan offerings are the flakiest, most delicious Jamaican patties (lentil, kale, soy) you’ll have.

Vegan/Vegetarian Options

Grass Roots Kitchen

“Oh my God, they have everything I love” is a common reaction when perusing the Grass Roots Kitchen menu. No-meat options shine: vegan pancakes, “egg” sandwiches, grain and acai bowls, plus vegetarian-friendly breakfast burritos, salads, sandwiches, quesadillas, and root fries. This all-day café also serves many gluten-free items, and meat lovers can get their fix with a variety of burgers and hearty sandwiches.

Vegan Ice Cream

Penny Lick Ice Cream Co.

Dark chocolate coconut (the favorite flavor of owner Ellen Sledge) is this inky-black scoop that manages to be every bit as delicious (dare we say even better?) than most cream-and-egg-based ice creams. It took Sledge 30 tries to nail the balance of dark onyx cocoa and coconut milk, and the result is an addictive Mounds-like sorbet with a luscious, creamy texture. You’ll never even miss the dairy.

Holiday Dining Experience

X2O Xaviars on the Hudson

For some three decades, the holiday cheer has overflowed at Xaviars’ annual Holiday Cabaret event in December. The glittering restaurant gets even prettier with holiday décor, and the cabaret takes it up another notch. It’s a high-spirited romp of excellent (and bounteous) food and drink, plus musical numbers that include classic and comedic songs. The special menu and weekends-long performances are sure to bring a smile to even the most Grinch-like spirit.

Breakfast Sandwich

Ham It Up at G.E. Brown Fine Food & Provisions

Gourmet takeout store G.E. Brown’s Ham It Up consists of a thick-cut ham slice with toasty, caramelized edges and a delicately cooked egg with a slightly runny yoke nestled on a Danish that’s had a flurry of cheddar cheese melted into it. A sweet and savory breakfast at its finest, it just might replace the BEC as your go-to morning bite.

New Italian Deli

San Fratello’s Deli

San Fratello’s checks all the boxes of a righteous Italian deli: daily-made mozzarella, hanging dried meats, redolent aromas wafting from stovetop pots, specialty Italian grocery items, and a long list of wryly named sandwiches. We suggest The Sicilian, with fried eggplant, mozzarella, mesclun salad, tomato, roasted peppers, and balsamic glaze.

Student-Run Pop-Up

Culinary Arts Café at Westchester Community College

Meet what may be the next roster of Food Network stars at WCC’s café, staffed by culinary/hospitality students serving four-course lunches Tuesdays and Thursdays. Expect dishes such as chateaubriand, seared duck breast with pomegranate glaze, and miso-glazed black cod. At $12 pp (cash only), it might be the best fine-dining deal in the county.


Maison Margaux

The baking starts early (4:30 a.m.) for Estelle Rocton-Pailhes, a Normandy native and NewRo resident whose pastry-chef mother trained under the famed Gaston Lenôtre. Rocton-Pailhes’ baking pedigree is perhaps most manifest in her baguette, which sports a crispy exterior, balanced soft-chew interior, and a fresh-from-the-oven smell.

Warm Pretzel Appetizer

Emma’s Ale House
White Plains

We fell hard for these fan-favorite pretzels when they came out heart-shaped on Valentine’s Day — a romantic pretzel isn’t that easy to come by, after all. Cleverly, they are also served in shamrock shapes for St. Patrick’s Day. A staple on the menu in its regular twisty form, these house-made doughy sensations (two per order) come served with Emma’s signature mustard, and hit just the right carb-load note before you start your meal.


Fruit Liqueurs at Heimat New York

These seasonally bottled, handcrafted liqueurs are prepared with techniques and recipes passed down by owner Ute Londrigan’s German grandmother. Flavors made using whole New York State fruits (not fruit juice), such as rhubarb, white peach, blackberry, raspberry, cranberry, and Bosc pear, enliven whiskey, Prosecco, gin, cider, seltzer, sangria, and more.

Beer Cheer

Sudsters and hopheads can rejoice over three of the county’s top beer destinations.

Photo courtesy of Wolf & Warrior

New Craft Brewery

Wolf & Warrior
White Plains;

A standout among a sea of party bars in Downtown White Plains, Wolf & Warrior focuses on beer as an art form. Owner Mike Chiltern takes his inspiration from visits to breweries around the world, to create a roster of carefully crafted ales at his NYS-Certified Farm Brewery, the first in White Plains. The spacious location is excellent for small or large groups to pick up a board game from the bar while enjoying lunch or dinner from its inventive food menu.

Beer Bar

Beer Noggin
Bronxville/Mount Kisco;

Featuring a copious selection of mostly local craft brews, the roster of IPAs and double IPAs is especially generous. Try the fruity Down Under Bomb, aromatic Fiddlehead, or the Citra-Mosaic Equilibrium. Northern-lager aficionados should experience the Oxbow, while Tools of the Trade will appease the pale-aler. Noshes are typically available, and your takeout is welcome.

Brewery Food

HAPA at Decadent Ales

Don’t expect a boring pretzel or brat here. Just like its creative beers (Toasted Marshmallow IPA, anyone?) the bar-food menu is a little extra. The key to beer-snack success: enlisting the chef of cultish Stamford-based food truck Hapa to create a Filipino-influenced menu of umami-bomb dishes like bulgogi fries with shredded brisket, Manchego, and sesame-soy sauce; furikake fries; and the grass-fed Hapa burger, served on a purple ube bun.

New Cocktail Bar

The Blind Pig of Westchester
White Plains

The location may be White Plains, but the vibes at this speakeasy-style bar, which opened in December, are distinctly downtown NYC cool, from the leather couches and flowery wallpaper to the faded photos on the walls. But it’s not just atmosphere that’s angling to make The Blind Pig a hotspot: Owners James Brennan and Daniel Cahill know how to craft a serious cocktail, like a bourbon Old Fashioned served in a cedar-smoked glass or a saffron-infused Tibetan Mule.

Gin-Based Cocktail

Pink Panther at Little Drunken Chef
White Plains and Mount Kisco

Pair this pretty cocktail, made with gin and pink peppercorn syrup, house-made lemonade, and St Germain, with LDC’s unique selection of tapas, and it’s a party. It is sweet but not saccharine. By your last sip, you might be swooning to Henry Mancini’s musical score for a particular bubble-gum-colored cartoon cat.


White Mango Sangria at Sonora Restaurant
Port Chester;

You can’t lose if you go to Sonora for its modern Latin cuisine, but don’t leave without sampling one of its hidden treasures — the white mango sangria. Savor the signature drink that’s full of flavor with an impeccable balance of elements (a secret recipe) from sweetness to fruitiness and is never overpowering or watered down, even when topped off with ice.

Spicy Cocktail

Diablo at VEGA Mexican Cuisine

If you’ve never tried a spicy cocktail, your time has come. Don’t let its unassuming appearance throw you: This memorable cocktail delivers a surprising, but not overwhelming, spicy kick. Featuring jalapeño-infused tequila, passion fruit, and fresh lime with a chili-salt-dipped rim, the Diablo is so good, you’ll have to pace yourself.

Photo by Enormous Creative


Current Spirits

From the fertile and fermented minds at Captain Lawrence Brewery comes this brand-new speakeasy-style distillery situated right next door. Armed with a barrel-rested gin and oh-so-smooth vodka, as well as a core gin, core bourbon, and single-malt whiskey, the products on tap at this Elmsford offshoot have our spirits running particularly high.

 – Readers’ Picks –


White Plains;

American Restaurant

Benjamin Steakhouse
White Plains;

Asian Restaurant (Not Japanese/Sushi)

Sambal Thai & Malay


The Bagel Emporium
Armonk (plus fourother county locations);

Bakery (American)

Baked by Susan

Bakery (Bread)

The Kneaded Bread
Port Chester;

Bakery (Italian)

Homestyle Desserts, Inc

Bar Food

Candlelight Inn


Smokehouse Tailgate Grill

Beer Selection (Restaurant/Bar)

Bridge View Tavern
Sleepy Hollow;

Beer Selection (Retail Store)

Half Time

Birthday Cake

Lulu’s Cake Boutique


Red Hat on the River


Mt. Kisco Diner
Mount Kisco;


Captain Lawrence Brewery


Iron Vine

Burger (Classic)

Piper’s Kilt

Burger (Specialty)

Westchester Burger Co
White Plains (plus two other Westchester locations);

Caribbean Restaurant

Mount Vernon;

Photo by Doug Schneider


David DiBari
The Cookery;
The Parlor;

Classic French Restaurant

Saint George Bistro

Chinese Takeout

Taste of China

Chocolate Shop

Lil’ Chocolate Shoppe


Peekskill Coffee House

Craft Beer Pub

Bridge View Tavern
Sleepy Hollow;

Craft Cocktails

RiverMarket Bar and Kitchen

Date-Night Restaurant

Red Hat on the River


Anthony’s Deli


Mt. Kisco Diner
Mount Kisco;

Farm-to-Table Restaurant

Blue Hill at Stone Barns
Pocantico Hills;

Farmers’ Market

Pleasantville Farmers Market

Fast-Casual Chain*

Shake Shack

Fish Market 

Mt. Kisco Seafood
Mount Kisco;

Food Truck

Walter’s Hot Dogs
Mamaroneck/White Plains;

Greek Restaurant

MP Taverna

Health-Food Café

Green Life

Ice Cream

The Blue Pig

Indian Restaurant

Chutney Masala

Italian Restaurant (Other Than a Pizzeria)

Mulino’s of Westchester
White Plains;

Japanese Restaurant

Sushi Mike’s
Dobbs Ferry;

Latino Restaurant (Other Than Mexican)

Sonora Restaurant
Port Chester;

Mexican Restaurant

Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant
Briarcliff Manor;

New Restaurant (Opened 2019 or Later)

tredici SOCIAL

Outdoor Dining (Waterside)

Harvest on Hudson

Outdoor Dining (Non-Waterside)

Wood & Fire


Saltaire Oyster Bar and Fish House
Port Chester;

Pie (Dessert)

Baked by Susan

Pizza (Counter-Service Pizzeria)

Sal’s Pizzeria

Pizza (Full-Service Restaurant)

Armonk (plus two other county locations);

Poke Bowls

Exit 4 Food Hall
Mount Kisco;

Private Dining Room

Crabtree’s Kittle House


Stew Leonard’s


RameNesque Japanese Ramen Restaurant


The Cookery
Dobbs Ferry;

Restaurant Design

The Inn at Pound Ridge by Jean-Georges
Pound Ridge;

Photo by @JohnnyEdits

Restaurant Host/Maître d’

Rachel Staropoli, tredici NORTH

Restaurant Service

Blue Hill at Stone Barns
Pocantico Hill;

Romantic Restaurant

Mulino’s of Westchester
White Plains;


DeCicco & Sons
Armonk (plus six other county locations);


Mason Sandwich Co.

Seafood Restaurant

Eastchester Fish Gourmet


Playa Bowls

Southern Restaurant

Southern Table

Special-Occasion Restaurant

X2O Xaviars on the Hudson


Benjamin Steakhouse
White Plains;


Sushi Mike’s
Dobbs Ferry;

Photo by Enormous Creative


Taco Dive Bar

Thai Restaurant

Little Thai Kitchen
Chappaqua (plus two other county locations);

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant

Sweet Grass Grill

Wine Menu

Crabtree’s Kittle House

Wine Store

Westchester Wine Warehouse
White Plains;

* Yes, we know it’s a chain but…

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