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Yonkers Brewing Co. Just Released Westchester’s First Hard Seltzer

Photos courtesy of Yonkers Brewing Co.

The year is 2020, and hard seltzers have officially taken over the alcohol industry. With brands like White Claw (yes, it’s even available on draft) having sold out nationwide this past summer, there is no questioning why Yonkers Brewing Co. founder John Rubbo decided to produce his very own hard seltzer. 

“I am excited to be the first New York State craft brewery to produce hard seltzer,” says Rubbo. “A tremendous amount of research and development went into brewing this absolutely amazing hard seltzer.”

The decision to spearhead this project was an easy one for Rubbo, who saw, via IRI data, that hard seltzer sales had skyrocketed 30% in 2019, and decided to capitalize on their popularity. “People like options, which is why the craft beer industry has exploded over the past decade,” explains Rubbo. “People also like to support local brands. I am promising New York seltzer-drinkers a great local experience in Yonkers Hard Seltzer.”

Currently, the seltzers come in three flavors: raspberry-lime, black cherry, and mango. If the three originals do not speak to you, don’t fret. “We are working on a variety of flavors for the rest of 2020,” confirms Rubbo. Unlike beer, the hard seltzers have no wheat or grain, making them an easy pick for gluten-free drinkers. And, 16oz cans give consumers a few extra sips, compared to competitors (typically canned in 12oz servings).

Find Yonkers Brewing Co.’s hard seltzers at the brewery and at ACME Markets throughout Westchester. 

Yonkers Brewing Co.
92 Main St