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7 Super Bowl Beer and Food Pairings From Westchester Brewers

Looking for beer pairings for your Super Bowl spread? We have you covered. Photo courtesy of Decadent Ales

Whether your team is playing in the big game or not, you can’t argue that a major part of the Super Bowl is what you’re eating and drinking.

We asked local brewers Tim Shanley of the soon-to-come Port Chester brewery Run & Hide, Scott Vaccaro of the Westchester O.G. Captain Lawrence, and Paul Pignataro of Decadent Ales for their expertise on which beers — some of which are crafted at their respective breweries — they like to pair with all those salty, meaty, carby, spicy Super Bowl staples.

Beef Chili

Pair with Newburgh Brewing Company’s Brown Ale

“The iconic cold weather crockpot creation is such a personal point of pride for so many home chefs. Some people add a blend of hot peppers they’ve roasted themselves, others swear by chocolate to add complexity. I like to pull those chocolate and roast notes from the beer I pair with chili, making brown ales absolutely perfect to drink alongside this comfort food. Newburgh Brewing Co.’s Brown Ale is medium-bodied so it won’t overshadow the main course, but the chocolate, coffee, and toffee notes will surely elevate this meal. Don’t be afraid to add a can directly to your chili for a nice malty backbone.” –Scott Vaccaro

Buffalo Wings

Pair with Larry’s Liquid Love

“Larry’s (a double IPA with oats and wheat) goes well with buffalo wings because its big, hoppy flavors of citrus, pine, and tropical juicy goodness perfectly complement the spicy, buttery wing sauce. Why Larry’s? We’ll, that was easy. I made a beer that I like to drink, a beer that’s juicy with some bitterness and no lactose.” –Tim Shanley


Pair with Decadent Ales Pacific Punch

“The tangy-sweet mango and passionfruit bite of our Pacific Punch double IPA cuts the spice and earthiness of a creamy guacamole.” –Paul Pignataro

Pacific Punch | Photo courtesy of Decadent Ales

Italian Sub

Pair with Freshchester Pale Ale by Captain Lawrence Brewing

“There are few things more fitting than a cold beer in one hand and a big piece of Italian combo wedge in the other on Super Bowl Sunday. That’s why I reach for a classic from our own brewery for this pairing: Freshchester Pale Ale. Pale ales have been such an important foundational style for American brewing that I love revisiting them on game day. Freshchester’s aromatics along with its citrus and pine notes are so evocative of the style and really do a great job of complementing the blend of Italian deli meats in the sandwich.” –Scott Vaccaro


Pair with Metric by Industrial Arts

“The communal nature of nachos is the culinary equivalent of cheers-ing a round of lagers. So why not pair them with one? I really enjoy Industrial Arts Metric, a pilsner done in the German style, but with the hops tweaked slightly higher. It’s clean and refreshing but offers enough herbal noble hop qualities to play off that one tortilla chip with all the jalapeños on it.” –Scott Vaccaro

Pigs in a Blanket

Pair with Decadent Ales Bobby Vac’s Hot Pepper Pils

“A light dose of Carolina reaper peppers, grown by my uncle in his garden in Eastchester, that are in our lager adds mild heat complementing the bread and fatty flavor of hot dogs.” –Paul Pignataro


Bobby Vac’s Hot Pepper Pils | Photo courtesy of Decadent Ales


Pair with Miller High Life

A light lager like Miller High Life is an American classic since 1903, ‘The Champagne of Beers.’ I sipped on my dad’s when I was in grade school! I chose it to pair with a pizza because the toasty biscuit flavor goes beautifully with a crispy pizza crust.” Tim Shanley

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