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Amica Chips: Italian Potato Chips Available in Westchester


Armonk-based brand-development company Getty Heights wants everyone to know that there’s more to Italian food than pizza, pasta, and gelato. There’s potato chips—Amica Chips, to be specific, the only imported Italian potato chip available in the US, sold locally at Armonk Country Kitchen (Armonk), Dante’s Gourmet Deli Italian Specialties (White Plains), DeCicco Family Markets (Brewster, NY, store only), and Turco’s North (Yorktown Heights). “Approximately eight to nine billion dollars is spent a year in America on potato chips,” says Getty Heights Managing Partner Dean Scaros, whose company is the exclusive importer of Amica Chips. “And people associate positive things with any Italian-based food product.” But does the supermarket shelf really need another bag of chips? The point of difference with Amica, says Scaros, is you actually taste the potato, unlike other chips where flavorings (number one: salt) overwhelm. There are three lines of Amica Chips: La Patatina (classic-style, thin-shaved chips in original, ruffled, and paprika/barbecue); Alfredo’s Chips (thick-cut chips in sea salt, black pepper, and cider vinegar); and Eldorada (20 percent lower in fat). A 1.8-ounce bag costs $1.49, and a 3.5-oz bag retails for between $1.99 to $2.29.