5 Ways to Matcha (That Aren’t a Latte)

Matcha is popping up in all kinds of desserts and drinks in Westchester.

So you’ve expanded beyond pumpkin spice lattes to matcha? You may already be a step ahead of the crowd, but we’d challenge you to take it a step further. Matcha powder, made from ground green tea, has a unique flavor proven to work well in lattes, but that’s not the only way its subtle, delicious flavor can shine. We’ve scoped out some other ways local businesses are getting creative with matcha.


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Lady M’s Green Tea Mille Crêpe Cake at Gyu-Kaku

159 Main St, White Plains; 914.358.5206

There’s no need to ride Metro-North into the city to try one of Lady M’s famous crêpe cakes. Gyu-Kaku in White Plains serves this Japanese-influenced dessert here in Westchester. Thin handmade crepes are stacked with layers of green-tea pastry cream and dusted with with matcha powder.


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Matcha Cheesecake Ice Cream at Bona Bona

10 Westchester Ave, Port Chester

Nick Di Bona’s highly anticipated ice cream parlor is scheduled to open on November 23. One of the flavors that will be rotating onto the menu is this matcha-cheesecake ice cream that’s sweet, subtle, and best with toasted marshmallow on top.

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Matcha Tea Truffles at Blue Tulip

137 Purchase St, Rye; 914.481.4840

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, try the matcha truffles at Blue Tulip. The truffle contains green-tea-infused dark chocolate ganache and is rolled in matcha powder. The shop also enrobes its matcha ganache in hard chocolate shells.


Photo courtesy of Flour & Sun Bakery

Matcha Bubble Tea at Flour & Sun Bakery

19 Washington Ave, Pleasantville; 914.495.3232

If you’d still prefer to have your matcha in beverage form, try bubble tea. The milk base makes the flavor richer and more decadent. Plus, who doesn’t love the texture of tapioca bubbles?


Photo courtesy of Hastings Tea & Coffee

Matcha Lemonade at Hastings Tea & Coffee

235 Main St, White Plains; 914.428.1000

It’s safe to assume we all have a childhood fondness for lemonade, whether it’s from lemonade stands or warm summer nights. This version holds on to the familiar sweetness of the classic drink, but elevates the flavor with matcha powder. The combination balances the sweet-bitter flavors in a way that will leave you wondering why you didn’t think of it yourself.


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