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Sometimes life is a busy, overwhelming jumble of tasks and activities. That’s where your Zen Zone comes in. It gives you the setting and the opportunity to get refocused and find your center.

Your Zen Zone can put you back in the moment where you have new awareness of things you had been missing all day. Simple experiences like deep breaths and the feeling of sunlight on your skin. It’s your place to let go of stress as well as strengthen and realign your mind, body and spirit.

Here are some simple steps you can take to create a Zen Zone of your own:



Start with a clean slate. Remove all visual distractions and messiness. A clean and composed space is naturally soothing. Preserve floor space and have an open area to stretch. Built-in concealed storage helps to keep the floor plan open and put anything that clutters up the environment behind closed doors and drawers. Room to move will help you feel expansive and combat the sensation of stress from a busy schedule.



Use low-impact colors. Avoid charged colors such as red, orange and yellow and use colors like white, blue, green and lavender to set the tone for relaxation. Smooth lines in the design and the elimination of jarring color changes, leave the space visually and aesthetically flowing and open. Focus on comfort when selecting furnishings. Go with whatever works the best for you, whether that means puffy, cloud-like couches or a yoga mat on the floor.



Personalize your Zen Zone. Focus on the feeling you want to achieve in your space and include elements that help you find peace, and add to your sense of balance. Plants, stones, and water are common ways to complement the room with life, sound and natural texture. Include objects that are significant to you. Feature pieces add to the room’s character and mood without busy-ing up the space. Decorate with escapist art or photography that transports you to another time and place that you find soothing. Vacation photos are great for this purpose because they also include loved ones and a connection to happy memories that direct you towards a mood of self-love. Details and small comforts can be essential to putting your mind at ease.



Add a soft glow and a warm touch. Dimmer switches and adjustable lighting sometimes make all the difference. Candles and sheer window shades can also be used for natural dim lighting.

Consider your senses. Essential oils, fresh flowers and scented candles can also add to the experience of your room and help with the shift in your frame of mind. Lavender, rose and sweet orange are great soothing scents for the Zen Zone. Reducing the presence of electronic distractions, such as phones, computers and televisions can be essential to preserving the peace found there. Often, taking a minimalist approach when creating your Zen Zone will help you to achieve the greatest clarity and focus.

Spend some time finding and creating your own Zen Zone and add some much needed serenity to your busy, modern lifestyle.