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Having your skin scraped with a surgical scalpel isn’t nearly as painful as it sounds. While it is similar to microdermabrasion as an exfoliating treatment, licensed medical aesthetician Julie Pipolo of Skin N.Y. Westchester (skin-nywestchester.com) prefers the scalpel to the wand. “It’s a less invasive procedure with maximum results that are immediate—and you don’t have to go through a series of 10 to see improvement. Plus, the risk of broken capillaries with microdermabrasion is huge,” she says.

What to Expect: The first session is mildly uncomfortable; there is no discomfort with successive ones as the skin quickly gets conditioned to the treatment. Bonus: The process also banishes peach fuzz (and no, it doesn’t grow back all stubbly). Technically, you could put makeup on right afterwards, but you’ll probably want to wait a day to do so—skin feels a tad tender. You may experience increased sensitivity to cold for a few days after the first session. Not appropriate for anyone with acne breakouts. 

Ouch Factor: 1

Average Cost: $150-$195 per session.

Worth It? Yes. Your skin looks more radiant with each treatment.


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