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Submissions for the 2023 Westchester Home Design Awards are open!

To be considered for the Westchester Home Design Awards:

  • Projects should be local (Westchester and Hudson Valley only), but designers can be from anywhere.
  • Projects should have professional photography.
  • Projects must be located within an occupied home (no showrooms).
  • Every category should have at least two images associated with the entry or it will not be considered.
  • You may enter a project in more than one category, but note you cannot win for the same project in more than one category.
  • Projects cannot have been previously published in print or featured digitally in other shelter publications.
  • Please include the name of all project collaborators that we will need to credit if your project is selected as a finalist.
  • Incomplete submissions will be disqualified.
  • You MUST upload this photo release form with your photos to a public, non-expiring photo link (such as Google Drive, Google Photos, DropBox, Box, etc.) for your submission to be considered.
  • Please double-check which categories you enter.

*Please include at least one high-resolution photo. Secondary photos should be at least 5MB and no larger than 16MB. If necessary, you can compress images with services like https://tinypng.com.

The submission deadline is midnight on January 31, 2023.

Can’t see the nomination form? Click here.

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