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Hulda the witch headstone Hulda the Witch: A Look at the Legend Buried in Sleepy Hollow HistoryThe Headless Horseman may be Westchester's most famous legend, but Hulda the witch made her mark during the Revolutionary War.
haunted sunnyside 6 Historically Haunted Locations in Westchester County HistoryBuckout Road in West Harrison is so steeped in terror that it got its own horror flick, but there are plenty more haunted locales in Westchester.
Merestead | Photo courtesy of Westchester County Parks 3 Historic Sites in Westchester Are Getting Golden Age Overhauls HistoryThe beloved architectural treasures at Lyndhurst, Merestead, and Wightman Mansion at Lenoir Preserve receive extensive restorations.
hudson scenic studio Hudson Scenic Studio Designs Iconic Broadway Sets in Yonkers CultureYonkers’ Hudson Scenic Studio is helping bring theater back, creating astonishing sets for some of Broadway’s biggest productions.
The True History Behind “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” HistoryLargely forgotten today, Washington Irving has an odd historical legacy that dips deep into the families and lands of Westchester County.
historical societies Are Historical Societies History in Westchester County? HistoryWith their very survival on the line, historical societies in Westchester County are fighting to remain relevant amid digital innovations.
westchester rockland newspapers Reflecting on the Newsroom of Yesteryear at a Westchester Newspaper HistoryThe author remembers what it was like working the overnight shift in the sports department of the old Westchester Rockland Newspapers.
Aerial view of the old GM plant. Photo courtesy of Historical Society Serving Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown. 25 Years After GM’s Closure, Sleepy Hollow Welcomes New Developments HistoryA quarter of a century since the GM plant shutdown in what was then known as North Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow is ready for a comeback.
dandini masterpiece A Lost 17th Century Baroque Masterpiece Was Uncovered in Westchester HistoryAn Iona college professor identified an Italian Dandini that had been missing for more than 50 years — hanging in a Westchester County church.
Tribute in Light Westchester Families Remember the Loved Ones They Lost on 9/11 HistoryWe check in with three Westchester County locals to honor their loved ones and the life-changing work done by Tuesday’s Children.
elephant hotel The Greatest Show: Inside Barnum & Bailey’s Westchester Connection HistoryAfter a 146-year run, the American circus mainstay with Westchester ties took its final bow. But they say an elephant never forgets...
Lou Gehrig house A Look Back a Yankee Slugger Lou Gehrig’s Legacy in New Rochelle HistoryDid you know that the New York baseball icon once called a charming spot in Westchester County his home sweet home?
The History of Carvel Ice Cream in Westchester County HistoryDigging into the cold, hard facts about the company that invented soft-serve custard, franchises, and even the BOGO offer.
The Grand Ghost of the Hendrick Hudson Hotel Still Haunts Yonkers HistoryThe luxurious hotel burned to the ground weeks before its 1901 opening. 120 years later, its bones still dot the landscape.
A Native History of the Hudson Valley HistoryLong before Henry Hudson “discovered” the Hudson Valley, the Mohican and Munsee Native American tribes were living a rich life in the region we now call home. Here is their story.
The History of Trying to Connect Westchester and Long Island HistoryHere’s the interesting history of why, despite the greatest of ambitions and the best of intentions, the attempt at connection never works.