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dandini masterpiece A Lost 17th Century Baroque Masterpiece Was Uncovered in Westchester HistoryAn Iona college professor identified an Italian Dandini that had been missing for more than 50 years — hanging in a Westchester County church.
Tribute in Light Westchester Families Remember the Loved Ones They Lost on 9/11 HistoryWe check in with three Westchester County locals to honor their loved ones and the life-changing work done by Tuesday’s Children.
elephant hotel The Greatest Show: Inside Barnum & Bailey’s Westchester Connection HistoryAfter a 146-year run, the American circus mainstay with Westchester ties took its final bow. But they say an elephant never forgets...
Lou Gehrig house A Look Back a Yankee Slugger Lou Gehrig’s Legacy in New Rochelle HistoryDid you know that the New York baseball icon once called a charming spot in Westchester County his home sweet home?
The History of Carvel Ice Cream in Westchester County HistoryDigging into the cold, hard facts about the company that invented soft-serve custard, franchises, and even the BOGO offer.
The Grand Ghost of the Hendrick Hudson Hotel Still Haunts Yonkers HistoryThe luxurious hotel burned to the ground weeks before its 1901 opening. 120 years later, its bones still dot the landscape.
A Native History of the Hudson Valley HistoryLong before Henry Hudson “discovered” the Hudson Valley, the Mohican and Munsee Native American tribes were living a rich life in the region we now call home. Here is their story.
The History of Trying to Connect Westchester and Long Island HistoryHere’s the interesting history of why, despite the greatest of ambitions and the best of intentions, the attempt at connection never works.
Lasdon Park A Westchester Photographer Uncovers a Mystery in Lasdon Park HistoryA local photographer uncovers the story of two Vietnam photographers, one with a connection to a Hollywood legend, in Katonah.
Who Was Westchester’s Mysterious and Legendary Leatherman? HistoryOnce a beloved staple of towns across Westchester and Fairfield counties, the leather-clad silent vagabond’s true story remains elusive.
A Scarsdale Resident on the Power of Textiles During the Holocaust HistoryTanya Singer’s Knitting Hope project examines how textiles and clothing represented both resistance and resilience throughout the Holocaust.
corned beef Learn All About the Origins of Corned Beef and Cabbage HistoryJust how the heck is it "corned" and when did a classic Jewish American deli staple transform into a “traditional” Irish dish?
daylight-saving Why Do We Observe Daylight Savings Time? HistoryWestchester's favorite meteorologist, Joe Rao, gives us a simple explanation for why we all go along with losing an hour of sleep.
tubbs African American History: A Past Rooted in the Hudson Valley HistorySince the days of Henry Hudson, the African presence in our area has been significant, but some aspects not widely recognized.
Vince Lombardi Trophy Irvington Resident Oscar Reidner Designed the Super Bowl Trophy History, Super Bowl GuideIt doesn't matter who takes it home each year, the NFL's top prize actually has its roots right here in Westchester County.
Looking Back on Westchester County’s Comedy-Filled Past HistorySince the earliest days of television, the county has produced and attracted some of America’s funniest people and hilarious hosts.