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First impressions are everything. The entrance of your home sets the tone for the rest of your space and gives visitors a little insight into your world. A pile of shoes here and a mountain of coats there can be a major turn off. Is this chaotic scene the first thing you want your guests to see? Definitely not.

Adding a mudroom to your space combines style and organization to create a functional entryway for your home that puts everyone at ease as soon as they step through your door.


THINK VERTICAL. Often overhead space goes unused. Maximize this area with a custom built-in mudroom that goes from floor to ceiling. By providing plenty of room for hanging and shelving, you’ll never have to trip over that pile of shoes and bags by your front door ever again.


HANG IT UP.  A row of hooks will allow you to hang coats, bags, hats, and more. Designate one or two hooks for each member of your family, and make sure you have a few extra for visitors.


HAVE A SEAT.  By incorporating a bench into your mudroom, you and your guests can change your shoes upon entering and leaving. This prevents the spread of dirt and germs from your shoes throughout your home. Add cubbies under the bench to provide the perfect hiding spot to keep your shoes carefully tucked away.


SEE IT ALL.  Open shelves allow for easy access to baskets, bins, bags, and more. The increased visibility lets you check what you have and what you need. Mix and match storage containers for a fun, eclectic look, or use matching ones for a clean, streamlined appearance.

As the name hints, transFORM excels at taking the banal and turning it into something special and unique, seamlessly integrating custom built-ins with the homeowners decor and lifestyle. These products include closets, dressing rooms, wall beds, home offices, libraries, wall units, pantries, media centers, mudrooms, utility rooms, laundry rooms and more. The unique thing about transFORM is that they design, engineer and manufacture in one central location. They also have their own team of professional installers. And while the the products are crafted locally, transFORM sources some of the most luxurious materials from throughout the world. To schedule a free in-home consultation visit transformhome.com or call/text (914) 500-1000.