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What True Westchesterites Really Miss Most Right Now

Remember crowds? Festivals? Having Fun? Ah, the good ol’ days….
Photo by Tiffany Masotti

No one knows Westchester better than our staff. And while our encyclopedic knowledge of county restaurants, history, geography, and governmental affairs might make us seem superhuman, we assure you, we’re regular, everyday humans, same as anyone else. And, we desperately miss being able to go out and enjoy our favorite things the way we used to.

We recently polled the editors and staff of Westchester Magazine about what they missed most from their pre-COVID-19 days, and these were the top responses:

Going to Breweries

Trying new releases and getting to know the owners, as we’re homebrewers ourselves. Visiting a brewery is our way of getting to know the neighborhood they set up shop in.

– Arlene So, Graphic Designer



Whether at a restaurant or at our homes, being able to invite friends over for dinner or drinks … I miss being able to hug and kiss people!

– Ana Medina Mantini, Multimedia Account Manager

Photo by Heather Sommer


The Jacob Burns Film Center

I love coming in, getting my warm popcorn with extra butter and getting cozy in the comfortable seats. It’s a great escape from the everyday stress of #saleslife. 📽🍿

– Jill Coronel, Multimedia Account Manager



Swings and Seesaws

I miss going to the Bedford Hills Memorial Park playground with my daughter Kira who just started exploring the outdoors with her newfound walking and running skills.

– John Bruno Turiano, Editor


Professional Pampering

I am a beauty buff and Westchester spas and salons offer top-tier skincare services, body treatments, and blowouts.

– Gina Valentino, Associate Editor



A plane ride used to be my least favorite part of a trip, but I almost miss the crying babies and uncomfortable seats because you knew at the end of it, you’d arrive somewhere amazing.

– Lauren Pettus, Digital Sales Manager


A Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich at My Favorite Deli

They just don’t taste as good when I make them at home!

– Barbara Begley, Marketing Communications Manager


Busy Restaurant Dining Rooms

I might sometimes complain that a restaurant is too loud or that the service is too slow on a busy Saturday night. But, as soon as it was taken away, there’s nothing I miss more than the energy of a busy restaurant, a few cocktails, and a table full of friends.

– Samantha Garbarini, Associate Editor


Live Music With the Gang

Whether hitting the Capitol Theatre for one of their many memorable concerts, or stopping by a local bar featuring local talent, life just isn’t the same without a live show and some good friends to share it with.

– Jonathan Ortiz, Digital Managing Editor


Watching My Kids Compete in Spring Sports!!

– Sam Wender, Publisher


The Westchester Knicks at County Center

On any given evening, local hoops fans may be looking at the storied NBA franchise’s next superstar, right in their own backyard.

– Nick Brandi, Senior Editor


Smelling Produce

Being able to go to the farmers’ market or grocery store and feel the melons and sniff the produce isn’t really an option right now, but it used to be my favorite part of planning a big dinner. Nothing smells as good as vine ripe tomatoes and fresh basil!

– Dave Zucker, Digital Editor

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Gathering for a Cause

Charity galas, fundraisers, new business openings, and milestone celebrations were always on the schedule pre-COVID due to the county’s lively events scene.

– Gina Valentino, Associate Editor


Kellogg’s & Lawrence

Browsing the creaky-floored aisles at Katonah’s charmingly been-there-forever hardware store for all my house and yard fix-its. They put the “Pop!” in “Mom & Pop.”

– John Turiano, Editor


The Sweet Sound of the School Bus Pulling Away

…taking my kids to their schools where they can actually learn, allowing me to go to work without trying (and failing) to be a schoolteacher!

– Amy Partridge, Managing Editor


Route 9

Listen, I hated my long commute as much as anyone, but that was also when I got to listen to podcasts every day. (Also, there were some pretty funny license plates.)

– Dave Zucker, Digital Editor


Trying on Clothes

I haven’t been physically in a clothing store in a while. Online shopping is great, but I miss the impulse-tries! Some of my favorite items were bought on the spot upon sight/touch.

– Lauren Pettus, Digital Sales Manager


Spring Blooms

Maybe it’s a hot take, but I think Westchester is most beautiful in spring, the trees sprout chartreuse-colored leaves and gardens are full of tulips and daffodils. But, since I’ve been staying home, I’ve let the height of the season pass with nary a cherry blossom in sight.

– Samantha Garbarini, Associate Editor



I often find myself dreaming about enjoying a meal at Top Chef alum Dale Talde’s innovative Tarrytown restaurant, where the creative desserts are just as tasty as the cutting-edge Asian cuisine.

– Paul Adler, Associate Editor


Pub Trivia

Getting together with a regular crew of know-it-alls for a few hours over local craft beers and good food was a fun weekly way to socialize.

– Dave Zucker, Digital Editor

Photo by Ken Gabrielsen


Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers

The only spot in the county where you can catch the latest screen sensation while munching on tasty sandwiches, burgers, pizza, salads, and other classic comfort foods, then wash it all down with Alamo’s copious variety of beer, wines, and cocktails.

– Nick Brandi, Senior Editor


Dating in Person

I matched with this dude on an app. We’ve been talking at length for two months and it’s just not the same. Kevin in Peekskill, you suck at texting! 👻😜👻

– Katie Chirichillo, Digital Content Producer