Food & Drink Editors’ Picks 2016


Vegetarian-Friendly Takeout 

Got Thyme

1282 North Ave, New Rochelle
(914) 355-4700; 

Brett Portier (of The Smokehouse of NY) and his wife, Peggy, own this gourmet store that emphasizes healthy eating. From the extensive salad bar to craft sandwiches like the Julia Child (Brie, caramelized onion, apple, and fig butter), you’ll find lots of vegetarian—as well as vegan, paleo, and gluten-free—options that don’t skimp on flavor. 

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New Chinese Restaurant 


2 Chase Rd, Scarsdale (914) 713-8811
26 Purchase St, Rye (914) 481-4758;

There’s the greasy Chinese-American fare we all know and guiltily love, and then there’s the fresh spin at WUJI, with ingredients such as organic chicken, pasture-raised pork, wild-caught fish, and organic vegetables. Try heritage pork spareribs, shrimp in hydroponic lettuce wraps, and spicy fried rice topped with crispy shallots and a cage-free, sunny-side-up egg.

Place to Have Thanksgiving Catered

Susan Lawrence

26 N Greeley Ave, Chappaqua
(914) 238-8833; 

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Locals are grateful for this gourmet shop’s full Thanksgiving menu, which goes beyond classic Pilgrim fare. Order the traditional turkey—whole bird or sliced—and add artisanal starters like goat cheese and caramelized onion dip served in a hollowed-out acorn squash. Guests will be most impressed with your “cooking” skills. 


Porta Napoli Pizzeria & Wine Bar

261 Halstead Ave, Harrison
(914) 732-3232; 

In a world (well, county) of heavy, doughy calzones, we love the light and crispy incarnation at Porta Napoli. The dough is thin and crisp, quickly fried and stuffed with a modest amount of melting homemade mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, ricotta, and salami.  


Le Jardin Du Roi

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95 King St, Chappaqua 
(914) 238-1368;

Yes, Le Jardin is a French bistro and yes, chili is a standout (partner Cristiaan Lorson is an avid barbecue-competition contestant). His 5×5 chili includes five meats, five types each of fresh peppers and dried chili peppers, five types of beans, and five beers. Topped with cheddar cheese, scallions, and sour cream, the chili is so deeply flavored, rich, and meaty that you’ll forget you’re in a French restaurant.

Independent Grocery Store 

Ardsley Market Fresh

645 Saw Mill River Rd, Ardsley
(914) 274-8865;

This Ardsley gem combines the perks of a convenience store with the selection of a much larger grocer. In addition to supermarket staples, it features a coffee-and-pastry bar, a hot breakfast-and-lunch buffet, a juice bar serving smoothies and protein shakes, lots of grab-and-go prepared foods, and a premium deli counter for salads and sandwiches.

Ravioli Dish 

Kobe Beef Ravioli with Dark Chocolate and Fontina at tredici NORTH

578 Anderson Hill Rd, Purchase
(914) 997-4113;

Executive Chef Giuseppe Fanelli has created a winning dish by stuffing house-made ravioli with Barolo-braised Kobe beef, dark Valrhona chocolate, buttery and slightly nutty Fontina, and sweet caramelized onions, then topping the creamy purses with a sauce of Sicilian Marsala, brown butter, and thyme. An Italian prince would consider himself well fed. 


X2O Xaviars on the Hudson

71 Water Grant St, Yonkers 
(914) 965-1111;

Reservations are a must for brunch at Chef Peter Kelly’s glass-enclosed restaurant overlooking the Hudson—one of the county’s bucket-list dining experiences. Baskets of house-made breads, unlimited bubbly, passed trays of signature coconut shrimp, baby lamb chops, tuna rolls, and wild-mushroom ravioli, plus two savory courses (we love the hand-rolled garganelli with rock shrimp) and one dessert course. It’s a fine-dining extravaganza, well priced at $45.

New Taco Restaurant

The Taco Project

18 Main St, Tarrytown
(914) 909-4455;

Not all tacos are created equal, but every single variety offered on the menu at The Taco Project delivers authentic deliciousness. The braised short-rib taco merits five stars, and if you’re a sucker for a fish taco, their version with beer-batter-fried cod, slaw, and radish-jalapeno-
cilantro emulsion will have you at Hola! 

Rice Pudding

Ardsley Diner

731 Saw Mill River Rd, Ardsley
(914) 693-0601

This classic cup of sweet comfort (just $4.25!) exemplifies the joy of simplicity. Made in-house, Ardsley Diner’s pudding soothes with soft white rice scented with vanilla and made creamy with milk. Raisin-haters rejoice: Not one of the wrinkly devils bob about in this traditional dessert.

Chorizo Tacos

Los Gemelos Restaurant & Tortilleria 

6 N Pearl St, Port Chester
(914) 934-0372; 

It’s a no-brainer that a tortilla factory also serves killer tacos. The chorizo tacos are a must-order here: bold and spicy, with an authentic vinegar tang and simply garnished with cilantro, onion, and lime.   

Tomato Soup

Swagat Indian Cuisine

19 N Broadway, Tarrytown
(914) 332-5544;

It’s hard to improve on a classic like tomato soup, but this Tarrytown mainstay succeeds by taking an already-flawless traditional iteration as its base—smooth, creamy, and bursting with fresh tomato goodness—and kicking it up a notch by stirring in a selection of Indian seasonings. The result: modern comfort food at its finest.

Cheddar Kale Scone

Blue Hill Café & Grain Bar

630 Bedford Rd, Pocantico Hills
(914) 366-9600;

Inspired by Blue Hill’s team visit to Orange County’s Black Dirt region, this scrumptious scone was an instant hit when it was introduced four years ago. Grafton cheddar and ribbons of kale enhance the mellow, slightly sweet flavor with a hint of heat, offering a memorable finish to your Stone Barns hike. 

Bolognese Dish

Veal Bolognese at Zuppa Restaurant & Lounge

59 Main St, Yonkers
(914) 376-6500;

While Zuppa’s house-made pasta offerings frequently change, we hope they never take away its accompanying signature veal Bolognese, one of the few dishes available year-round in this seasonal Italian restaurant. The tender, meaty sauce bursts with high-quality tomato flavor and a complexity lifted by delicate mint. 

Fried Rice

Asian Wave Asian Fusion

636 Columbus Ave, Thornwood
(914) 579-2777 

This sleek, elegant, Asian-fusion restaurant serves, among its vast menu, nine varieties of tender, perfectly cooked, and deliciously aromatic fried rice. Its multidimensional flavor comes in elusive, fragrant, subtle waves that dance all over your taste buds in a perfectly choreographed performance. 

Pork-Centric Restaurant 

The Cookery

39 Chestnut St, Dobbs Ferry
(914) 305-2336; 

Pork, swine, pig… whatever you’re calling it, foodies love the other white meat. In Westchester, nowhere does pork—pig’s-head doughnut, pork-belly pastrami, crispy pork osso buco, and whole pig roasts—better than The Cookery. Our rule of thumb: If there’s pig on the menu, order it. 

Fresh Pasta Dishes 

Pax Romana

189 E Post Rd, White Plains 
(914) 437-5791;

There aren’t too many things more wonderful in the world than fresh pasta. Chef Cristian Petitta agrees. Using his $12,000+ Bottene pasta machine, Petitta cranks out brilliant house-made pastas, like cocoa-infused pappardelle and red-beet ravioli stuffed with goat cheese (a special). Forgo a table; sit at the pasta bar for a bit of pre-meal culinary theatrics instead. 

Black and White Cookie

Topps Bakery

106 Pondfield Rd, Bronxville
(914) 337-4258;

When is a muffin top a good thing? When it’s rocked by the “Marigold,” a black-and-white cookie baked in a cupcake tin. The resulting moist, lemony love handle under the vanilla and chocolate of this Topps classic gives us only more of it to love.



Lobster Dish  

Linguine with Montauk Point Lobster at RiverMarket Bar & Kitchen  

127 W Main St, Tarrytown
(914) 631-3100;

Montauk has a solid rep as a source for quality lobsters, and the sophisticated yet unfussy RiverMarket puts them to good use in a number of dishes, including a lobster roll. But their elite dish is the lobster with handmade black squid ink linguine, sweet heirloom cherry tomatoes, and padron peppers, which provide a small amount of salty heat.

Communal Dining Experience

Exit 4 Food Hall

153 Main St, Mount Kisco
(914) 241-1200;

Let’s thank restaurateur Isi Albanese for bringing this hip, big-city concept to the county. Think of Exit 4 as an upgraded food court: nine stations of locally sourced and artisan offerings (we especially love the Rawsome seafood bar from Mt. Kisco Seafood and the Piacci fresh-pasta bar). It’s easy to make friends at the communal tables, made from recycled, salvaged wood.

Neapolitan-Style Pizza 

Burrata Wood Fired Pizza

425 White Plains Rd, Eastchester
(914) 337-3700; 

There are a lot of wood-fired pizza places in the county, but the pies coming out of Burrata’s gold-tiled, 850°F oven are the best. The dough is the star of the show—puffed around the edges, gently blistered, chewy, and flavorful—and toppings range from classic to creative. 

Fresh Tomato Pie 

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

1955 Central Ave, Yonkers 
(914) 961-8284; 

The white-clam pizza gets all the glory at Frank Pepe, but there’s another pie that deserves its due. The fresh tomato pie—only available from July to September, when tomatoes are at their peak—is the best of its kind, with charred crust, cheese, and juicy chunks of fresh tomato. 


The Cabin Restaurant

1172 Knollwood Rd, White Plains 
(914) 592-6682;

Glistening in a glaze of brown sugar, ketchup, and hot sauce, this not-so-little loaf offers, dare we say, even more comfort than Mom’s version. The moist Black Angus meatloaf comes with velvety mashed potatoes, redolent with garlic, and buttery green beans that snap perfectly in your mouth.

Ramen Bowl

Oxtail Ramen at Roc-N-Ramen

19 Anderson St, New Rochelle
(914) 365-1166; 

There are a handful of excellent ramen shops in Westchester, but only one serves this obsession-worthy fusion bowl of fragrant curry broth, rich oxtails, springy noodles, and crisp-tender corn. Unfortunately, it’s only a recurring dinner special. Stop by (or call ahead) on the weekends and, with some luck, you’ll find a steaming bowl waiting for you. 


Burger Bargains 

Kelly’s Sea Level 

413 Midland Ave, Rye
(914) 967-0868; 

Blink, and you’ll miss this quirky little nautically themed pub in a residential area of Rye. Burgers as big as the Kaiser rolls they’re served on start at just $5 (and none of them top the $9 mark). It also doesn’t hurt that they’re super-juicy and perfectly cooked. 

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich

Bubba’s Sammichs at Market North

387 Main St, Armonk
(914) 273-3773;

Abandon the corner deli and head straight for the casual spinoff of Restaurant North for this breakfast sandwich from Eric Gabrynowicz and crew: thick, house-cured bacon from Meiller’s Farm, two Paisley Farm eggs, and molten mozzarella curd on a towering brioche bun.

Shrimp Dish

Buffalo Shrimp at Pepe’s Place

560 North Ave, New Rochelle
(914) 632-7373;

We fell for it hook, line, and sinker: crispy battered shrimp slick with house-perfected hot sauce, sprinkled with black sesame, served on a bed of fresh-cut fries (coleslaw and tartar sauce on the side). A must-try cheap-eats champion.  

Ice Cream Sandwiches

sherry b dessert studio

65 King St, Chappaqua
(914) 238-8300; 

The ice cream sandwich combines two of the best things ever: ice cream and cookies. But sherry b dessert studio takes things to the next level, with peanut butter ice cream sandwiches on banana bread, and Suzy Q ice cream treats made with sweet cream ice cream and chocolate cake. You can also mix and match to make your own flavor combinations.

New Restaurant


55 Abendroth Ave, Port Chester
(914) 939-2425;

In a 1900s granary repurposed in nautical-chic by the owners of Queens’ London Lennie’s, pristine seafood is prepared with an eye as fresh as the ingredients by Chef Bobby Will. Magnificent oysters and daily seasonal platters, whole-roasted fish, and eclectic small plates go swimmingly with craft cocktails and desserts.

Bacon Appetizer

Sizzling Canadian Bacon at Benjamin Steak House

610 Hartsdale Rd, White Plains
(914) 428-6868; 

What better way to precede a big steak than with thick-cut bacon? Benjamin Steak House serves this no-frills slab of broiled Canadian bacon that is everything pork fattiness should be: salty and slightly charred. Some like to dip it in ketchup, for a hit of sweetness. 

Over-The-Top Mac ‘n’  Cheese

Pulled Pork Mac ’n’ Cheese with Belgian Waffle Croutons at The Oath Craft Beer Sanctuary

5 Main St, Tarrytown
(914) 909-5148;

It’s almost a joke that this hefty $10 house specialty is listed in the small-plates section of the menu. Slow-cooked pulled pork, basted in its own drippings, hides amid the pasta that oozes with cheddar. If that weren’t enough, liege waffle croutons offer crunch with their minuscule sugar pearls.


Chantilly Patisserie

135 Parkway Rd, Bronxville
(914) 771-9400;

Chantilly’s masterful choux pastry is the ideal springboard for a calories-be-damned dive into chocolate mousse (topped with ganache) or vanilla pastry cream studded with fresh fruits. As impeccably dressed as the village’s store windows, they’re so scrumptious, you may not want to share.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie

The SJP at Lulu Cake Boutique

40 Garth Rd, Scarsdale 
(914) 722-8300;

Sure this artisan bakery excels in cake making, but don’t miss their oversized cookie made with Valrhona chocolate and bursting with homemade peanut butter. The cookie even has a bit of celeb cred: Sarah Jessica Parker (The SJP—get it?) fell in love with them while on the Tarrytown set of her new TV show, Divorce

Italian Pastry

The Cartocci at Pane & Gelato

290 White Plains Rd, Eastchester
(914) 337-1800;

Cannoli’s lesser-known Sicilian cousin woos you with a soft, spiral tube of sugarcoated donut, then slays you with loads of cannoli cream in every cushy bite. Let it be your gateway to other Sicilian sweets, like brioche con gelato (a brioche roll stuffed with gelato), Genovese (dome-shaped, custard-filled pastry), and Cassata (sponge cake with ricotta in a marzipan shell), each made fresh with ingredients imported from Sicily.

Indulgent Dessert

Kittle Krack Pie at Crabtree’s Kittle House

11 Kittle Rd, Chappaqua 
(914) 666-8044;

There are desserts, and then there are end-of-meal paragons to sugary decadence, like the Kittle Krack Pie. A gooey, sweet, uber-rich buttery pie in a cookie crust is topped with coconut ice cream and macadamia nut brittle. You may not finish this sensational creation at your table, but in subsequent dreams, you’ll devour every last morsel. 

Petit Fours

Jean-Jacques’ Culinary Creations

468 Bedford Rd, Pleasantville 
(914) 747-8191;

When cupcakes and French macarons begin to feel passé, head into one of the few places in the area that takes the art of French pastry seriously. These delectable small cakes are seasonal, so you have to keep your eyes peeled. The petit fours come in apricot or raspberry, and color options are available for special orders.   

Special-Order Dessert

Zabaglione at Sapori 

324 Central Ave, White Plains 
(914) 684-8855;

Italian cuisine is at its best using a few fresh ingredients combined with basic cooking techniques. Sapori does zabaglione right, whisking egg yolks, sugar, Grand Marnier, and Marsala, tableside, into a warm, boozy, eggy sweet cloud of soothing deliciousness.

Hostess and Drake’s Knockoffs

Twinkies, Yodels, and Snowballs at Lulu Cake Boutique

40 Garth Rd, Scarsdale
(914) 722-8300;

Lulu’s “Twinkies” (chocolate pudding, vanilla buttercream, and red velvet with cream-cheese filling), coconut custard “Snowballs,” and “Yodels” (Valrhona dark chocolate, salted caramel, and peanut butter) have a legit celebrity following, including Lady Gaga, Harry Connick Jr., and Oprah. One taste, and you’ll be making room for some in your swag bag.

Lobster Tails

 Fleetwood Pastry Shop

561 Gramatan Ave, Mount Vernon
(914) 667-3434;

Forget crustaceans, we’re talking the flaky, shell-shaped filled pastry. Fleetwood eschews the standard yellow custard filling for an outrageously good custard-whipped-cream mix. Given their ample size, you may not think you can eat a whole one, but then you’ll look down with incredulity to see all that remains is a bit of powdered sugar on your fingertips.   

Sundae Selection 

The Hudson Creamery 

55 Hudson Ave, Peekskill
(914) 293-7811;

Hudson Creamery has a lot going for it: They serve Jane’s Ice Cream, a small-batch creamery out of Kingston, New York; they’re within walking distance to Riverfront Green Park; and they hold charming painting socials. The biggest draw, however, is the creative list of sundaes, including everything from the Breakfast Club (vanilla ice cream, bacon, and local maple syrup) to the Taco Dive (chocolate ice cream, spicy Mexican chocolate sauce, avocado-infused olive oil, blue agave syrup, lime, and tortilla chips).   

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Emma’s Ale House

68 Gedney Way, White Plains
(914) 683-3662; 

The made-to-order mac ‘n’ cheese at Emma’s is comfort food defined. If the browned top and three-cheese blend of cheddar, mozzarella, and grated Parmesan aren’t enough to entice you, the mix-ins of peas and smoked bacon will.

Old School Deli

Royal Scarlet Deli

99 E Post Rd, White Plains
(914) 946-1820; 

Open since 1938, Royal Scarlet emits that throwback feel with its part-deli, part-
convenience-store look. Finding good sandwiches (some named after loyal customers) here is easy, but choosing just one from the menu is a challenge. The Famous Carl (turkey, pastrami, cheddar, turkey bacon, sweet peppers, and Russian dressing) is a good start. 

New Comfort-Food Eatery

The Wooden Spoon

16 Division St, New Rochelle
(914) 278-9432;

While the warm vibe at this 30-seat eatery is a bonus, the main reason to eat at The Wooden Spoon is the consistently exemplary food. The menu includes down-home favorites, like Southern fried chicken and waffles, stuffed grilled cheese, fried pickles, and crispy Brussels sprouts. And don’t leave before you have sampled one of their layered desserts.

Fryer Finds

Greek-Style Fries

Oregano Fries at The Souvlaki Truck

2481 Central Ave, Yonkers
(914) 500-7580;

Greek street food never had it so good until Chef/owner George Kringas opened this mobile Greek kitchen near Oakley’s Car Wash in 2013. The hand-cut, thick and crispy fries loaded with sea salt and oregano will have you asking what the Greek word for “delicious” is (nóstimo).


Cajun Fries

PourHouse Bar & Grill

468 Ashford Ave, Ardsley
(914) 693-9707;

Cajun country may be a long ways away, but you can get an authentic taste of it at PourHouse. Seasoning is an important aspect of Cajun cuisine, and the zesty, addictive fries (spiked with garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, salt, pepper) sure won’t disappoint.


Sweet Potato Fries

Rye Roadhouse

12 High St, Rye
(914) 925-2668;

You haven’t had sweet potato fries until you’ve had them at Rye Roadhouse—perfectly salted, perfectly crispy, perfectly flavored. Trust us, you’ll never order this side anywhere else once you’ve been indoctrinated here.


Polenta Fries

Purdy’s Farmer & The Fish

100 Titicus Rd, North Salem
(914) 617-8380;

“They have their own cult following,” says Chef/co-owner Michael Kaphan about these savory, extremely satisfying golden-brown rectangles, whose thin, crunchy exterior belies the creamy goodness inside. Inspired by a similar item at former Manhattan restaurant Zoë, Kaphan’s spin includes kicky cherry pepper in the aioli that accompanies this not-to-be-missed side. 


Pommes Frites

Appétit Bistro

540A Willett Ave, Port Chester 
(914) 690-2000;

If you’re Port Chester’s only French restaurant, the pommes frites better be on point. Fortunately, Chef Edi Rivera, formerly at French restaurants Le Penguin and L’Escale in Greenwich, knows his way around a fryer. These golden, crisp fries stacked in a paper-lined cone, served with ramekins of house-made spicy aioli and ketchup, are top-notch.

Café Life

New Organic Café 

Skinny Buddha Organic Café 

6 Depot Plz, Scarsdale (914) 472-9646;

159 Lexington Ave, Mount Kisco (914) 358-1666 (pick-up window);

This cozy café located just off the Scarsdale Metro-North platform specializes in organic smoothies, green drinks, made-to-order acai bowls, and freshly prepared soups and wraps made daily. Pop in for a post-workout treat or sign up for their signature juice or soup cleanse, meant to detoxify and reboot your body. 


Café Ambience   

R Café & Tea Boutique 

302 Huguenot St, New Rochelle
(914) 358-1841; 

Putting a charming spin on your daily coffee routine, this warm neighborhood café boasts a cozy but elegant French cottage decor equipped with couches to lounge on, tables to work at, and a full menu of pastries, quiches, and sandwiches. The signature coffee here is a rich Brazilian blend, but the espressos, lattes, and Chai teas deliver big time, as well.


New Hybrid Café

Katonah Reading Room

19 Edgemont Rd, Katonah
(914) 232-1010;

The Katonah Reading Room, located on a quiet curved street in the heart of this darling hamlet, is owned by Peter and Gretchen Menzies, proprietors of the neighborhood’s Little Joe’s Coffee & Books. In addition to top-notch coffee, the quaint spot turns out addictive menu items, like avocado toast; visitors can also pull from shelves lined with good reads and purchase local meats, honey, and other gourmet provisions.

Don’t-Miss Donuts 

New Donut Shop

Hot Dippity Donuts 

171 S Riverside Ave, Croton-on-Hudson
(914) 271-5412;

When is a donut more than just a donut? When it’s made-to-order just for you, as Hot Dippity Donuts does it: deep-fried, then dipped and topped to make a myriad of combos. Try Vanilla Nilla (vanilla icing and Nilla Wafers), French Toast (maple icing and cinnamon sugar), or one of their many free samples, which may entice you to order a flavor you might not have dared try otherwise.



Use of a Donut 

Donut Sundaes at Longford’s

4 Elm Pl, Rye
(914) 967-3797;

What could make the ice cream from this small-batch artisan producer even better? Donuts! Selling up to 300 orders weekly, the donut sundae consists of a split house-made glazed donut sandwiched around a hefty scoop of ice cream and finished with a drizzle of wet topping plus a spoonful of dry topping. Mint chip, marshmallow sauce, and mini-M&Ms anyone?


Italian Donuts 

Bomboloni at Le Sirene

1957 Palmer Ave, Larchmont
(914) 834-8300; 

Fried doughnuts rolled in sugar have become so ubiquitous on Italian dessert menus, they’re often overlooked. But at Le Sirene, the bomboloni are so light, fluffy, crispy, and rich that they’re an absolute can’t-miss, worth every cent of their $15 price tag.

Perfect Pours

Moscow Mule


169 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains
(914) 997-5600; 

Lilly’s stays true when it comes to ingredients in the classic Moscow Mule (Russian Standard Vodka, ginger beer, and lime). It’s served ice-cold in a copper mug, and it’s flawlessly refreshing, especially when the temperature starts to rise. 


Sound Shore Drinks  

Pier Restaurant & Tiki Bar

1 Playland Pkwy, Rye
(914) 967-1020; 

With summer officially here, there’s nothing better than a cold drink, a light breeze, and a water view. After a few rides on the Dragon Coaster, head here to cool off with frosty drinks on the patio overlooking the Sound. 


Mai Tai 


2 Chase Rd, Scarsdale(914) 713-8811
26 Purchase St, Rye (914) 481-4758 

When WUJI opened last year, it brought a bright, energetic, and flavorful approach to Chinese classics. Behind the bar, that same attention to freshness and quality is giving the classic Mai Tai a little TLC, with fresh-squeezed juices and two kinds of rum. 


Whiskey Selection 

Rye House

126 N Main St, Port Chester
(914) 481-8771; 

You won’t find Pappy, but there’s still plenty to love about this international whiskey list that reaches as far as Australia, Taiwan, and Bhutan. Choose from 150-plus types of the brown stuff, or keep it local with the PC Native cocktail, featuring Westchester Rye Whiskey from Still the One Distillery. 


Frozen Margaritas

Azteca Paradise 

210 Saw Mill River Rd, Elmsford
(914) 592-2900;

Come for the authentic Mexican fare and Mariachi band, but stay for the smooth, surreptitiously strong frozen margaritas. With your choice of all the usual suspect fruit flavors (we’re partial to strawberry), deciding which one to order is the hard part. Afterward, just sip, savor and enjoy.


Big Easy Cocktail  

Southside Sazerac at Saint George

155 Southside Ave, Hastings-on-Hudson
(914) 478-1671; 

While New Orleans conjures up images of beignets and po’ boys, cocktail connoisseurs know that the Sazerac is one of the Big Easy’s true treasures. At Saint George, they’re putting rye, bitters, and the absinthe fountain to good use with a near-perfect version. 



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