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Jonathan Giannettino aka Señor Smoke from Ring of Fire Outdoor Kitchens breaks down 7 must-have grills for 2019.


Spring has sprung in Westchester County which means it’s time to act on that long festering plan to replace your tired outdoor grill.

I am frequently asked what is my favorite grill to recommend.  My answer is simple: whatever grill suits your particular needs and desires. Perhaps you want one with the best infrared sear burner. Or maybe you want to cook with a combination of gas and solid fuel like wood and charcoal. Or maybe you prefer the ability to cook low and slow for traditional American barbecue. No matter what your preferred outdoor cooking style demands, one of the grills below will meet that need!


Best Infrared Sear – Lynx 42” All Trident Grill

The Lynx series of grills are considered to be the Mercedes of gas grills for good reason, They pack a deep feature set inside a well-constructed body. Built in southern California, the Lynx Professional series stands out because of their vaunted infrared sear burner, dubbed the Trident.

Shaped like a mariner’s pitchfork, the Trident is the only infrared burner with the ability to tame itself to the 200-300 degree threshold while also offering the ability to sear at 800-900F. This makes it the most advanced infrared burner on the market.  

42” Built in Head: Lynx L42ATR – All Trident Grill $5989



Best Pellet Grill (for the money) – Traeger Ironwood 885

Pellet grills have become all of the rage in the last 2-3 years. These electric grills are fed wood pellets through an auger system, managed by a thermostatic controller. Essentially they are outdoor ovens that allow you to smoke (and grill) without having to watch over the grill like a hawk. The set temperature in the controller allows for true “set it and forget it” ability.

Traeger is the indisputable king of pellet grills and 2019 has seen a massive re-launch of their most popular pellet grills. The new ones offer a rebuilt drive system, better insulation and a new temperature control system. Be on the lookout for the new Ironwood 885, a grill that offers more capacity and similar features to their premium Timberline 850 series. My prediction is that the 885 will be the top-selling pellet grill in 2019.
Ironwood 885 – TFB89BLE   $1399


Best Pizza Oven – Alfa 4 Pizze

Though the name implies that this is a pizza oven, the Italian-made Alfa oven line does way more than produce  pizza and calzones. I look at this as a true outdoor oven which would be the perfect vessel to make steaks, chicken or lamb in a cast-iron pan as well as turn out artisanal bread and desserts. The difference is that the Alfa burns wood which gives the food a natural smoked accent that elevates it to the next level. And unlike other wood burning pizza ovens, the Alfa does not take 1-2 hours to heat up, as its proprietary flue system combined with Italian refractory bricks lend to a quicker heat up. Note: Alfa also offers a hybrid gas/wood burning oven called the Stone oven for those who want the convenience of gas as well.

Alfa 4 Pizze Oven $2799



Best Bang for Your Buck Premium Gas Grill – Weber Summit S-670

As more and more styles of grills flood the marketplace promoting pellet, charcoal, wood and other grilling systems, one brand has stayed the course with their traditional products – Weber. They still have their classic Kettle grill for charcoal lovers, and their WSM smoker for low n’ slow bbq enthusiasts, but the product I am watching is the Summit series of gas grills. Their rugged build and even better customer service makes these grills a bargain….even more so when you track how expensive the premium 36” grill-on-cart models have become due to the stainless tariffs. Would you rather spend $7500 or $2700 on your carted gas grill? Your choice!

Weber Summit S-670 $2799



Best Bang for Your Buck Outdoor Kitchen – Blaze

The Blaze brand of grills has literally taken the outdoor industry by storm. In the last 5 years they have not only introduced a wildly popular consumer brand, but they continue to bring new, innovative products to consumers, all while maintaining modest price points.

If you are looking to create an outdoor kitchen but do not want to go the route of the premium gas grills, a Blaze package is the way to go.

Blaze Outdoor Kitchen Package $3458.97         



Most Versatile Cooking System – Alfresco ALXE Series

I have owned an Alfresco grill for 4 years and it never ceases to amaze me. With impeccable design integrity steeped in a commercial background, the ALXE series may be the best constructed high end gas grill. On top of that, it offers the most versatility in cooking style as you can fry, steam, roast, smoke-tiss, sear, smoke and cook with solid fuel like charcoal and wood.

42” Alfresco ALXE grill head $5669



Favorite Charcoal Grill – Kamado Joe Classic III

Ceramic cookers have been used for over five thousand years, so how could you build upon something so ancient and successful? Kamado Joe has done that to their ceramic grill yearly, introducing features such as the first rotisserie for a kamado, an air-hinge system that makes lifting the heavy hood effortless, a sealed weather cap that protects it from precipitation and a thick oven-gasket that provides tight insulation. In 2019 Kamado Joe introduces the 3rd generation of their grill which now has an improved stand, a hyperbolic chamber to foster better air flow and a charcoal basket which makes cleaning up easier.

Kamado Joe Classic III $1599


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