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A fortress wall of rainbow cookies surrounded the dense layers of chocolate mousse in my birthday cake. As I made the first lucky cut the aroma of cocoa and sweet jelly filled the air- this was going to be something special for sure. These are the inviting aromas I take for granted every day as I walk through the DeCicco & Sons bakery- where countless birthday cakes are being created just like mine, every cookie imaginable laid out on large sheet pans like a sea of confetti colored perfection. The vanilla notes cling to my clothing as I try to walk away from temptation, reminding me of that last cannoli I stole a glance of as I exited the production bakery in Armonk. 

A bakery of this caliber is a dying breed. Every puff pastry, each cannoli, all the pies… just a signature on an artist’s canvas. At DeCicco & Sons, we bake everything in-house, the quality is unrivaled, and no one takes more delight in holiday favorites than us. Co-workers and customers alike gaze in wonder as the fresh creations are loaded into the bakery display cases- the Mardi Gras King Cake shines like a tri-color beacon of hope, the Irish soda bread is so good you would swear the sign out front reads O’DeCiccos. The day to day selection is so beautifully crafted that we implore you to visit any of our locations and take a visual tour of the bakery counter. Our passionate staff is always happy to tell you all about the decadent homemade samples they are preparing for the day.  



Our roots are firmly planted in that of a traditional Italian bakery- the kind your grandparents would take you to on Arthur Avenue and sneak you pignoli cookies when your mother wasn’t looking. All the stolen memories of your childhood favorites, the holiday staples and the iconic white boxes wrapped in twine that you couldn’t wait to get home and unwrap. 

As soon as March comes around, you can find our bakery shelves overflowing with authentic Saint Joseph’s pastries, Zeppole and Sfinges. These fried dough confections are often sprinkled with a lively dusting of powdered sugar- making for one of the simplest yet tastiest combinations in all of the dessert world. Like an airy, chewy snow-capped mountain- these delightful treats can be stuffed with cannoli filling or custard. Any way you slice it, these are a crowd favorite and something we look forward to featuring in the bakery every spring.



To some, nothing says Italian bakery like great cannoli, and we couldn’t agree more! Whether you favor a traditional plain crispy shell filled with rich cannoli cream or a shell dipped in shiny chocolate and studded with chocolate chips, we have you covered. Our love for cannoli runs so deeply that we have pushed the envelope of exploration into new items. Our cannoli chip platters accompanied with rich cannoli cream for all your dipping pleasures. Our pinnacle may very well be the ‘Cronnoli.’ This sweet temptation imagined by co-owner Joe Jr. is part croissant, part donut, part cannoli. It’s like the heavens parted, and this cherub snuck out. This opulent treat is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who has an affinity for the traditional confectionary tubes of joy. 

Although we pride ourselves on these Italian classics, it’d be foolish not to shine a light on all the other amazing confections that come to life in our bakery. The aforementioned King Cake, a staple of Mardi Gras celebrations, is one of the most anticipated treats of the year. A large ring of sweet brioche dough is topped with a sugar laden glaze and decorated with green, yellow and purple sprinkles. To add to the fun nature of this cake, a small baby figurine is often hidden in the cake, and the lucky recipient is said to have good fortune and may be responsible for supplying the dessert for the next party.  



Easter welcomes many specialty baked goods- from the egg-laden braided Easter bread to Pizza Rustica and Sweet Pie. Pizza Rustica is what would happen if a quiche and a pizza crossed paths- its dense egg center is filled with savory Italian meats and cheeses and hugged with a flaky crust. One of those baked goods that makes the stretch to a full-on main course. Whereas the Sweet Pie is ricotta based and flavored with citrus zest and often rose water. These dishes traditionally were served to break the fast and explains their dense, filling nature. Just another Italian classic that is beautifully executed in our bakery. 

Whether you are searching for those butter cookies that remind you of visits to your grandmother’s house or an imaginative cake lined with vibrant rainbow cookies, the DeCicco & Sons bakery will be sure to impress your guests and your taste buds. Our family recipes, holiday staples, and imaginative creations all feature our great homemade touch. Perfect for any special occasion, but hey… isn’t every day a special occasion?



DeCicco & Sons