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Melissa F. Pheterson

  • Preya Ananthakrishnan, MD

      Specialty: Surgery Title: Director of Breast Surgery, White Plains Hospital Cancer Center  Hospital: White Plains Hospital   It’s rare for busy mothers to make time for manicures, let alone mammograms. But at age 35, Sonal Gibson had a gut feeling that she should book one, even though her insurance wouldn’t cover it for another […]
  • Victor Khabie, MD, FAAOS, FACS

      Specialty: Orthopaedic surgery Titles: Chief, Department of Surgery, Co-Director of the Orthopedic and Spine Institute, Chief of Sports Medicine Hospitals: Northern Westchester Hospital, Putnam Hospital Center   In 2010, boxer Gary Stark Jr. felt a stabbing pain in his shoulder during a title bout at Madison Square Garden. “Stark’s doctors told him it was tendonitis, […]
  • Meet Our Next Generation of Healthcare Leaders

    Check out the new crop of executives shaking things up at Westchester’s most prestigious hospitals and medical groups.
  • Meet The Renaissance Surgeon

    Transcending cut-and-dry data with artistic passion and intuition makes Dr. Ezriel Kornel a better surgeon.
  • A “Good Name” Matters Most

    From the clinic to the C-suite, Edward Halperin, CEO of NYMC, holds fast to his core values: advancing the best medical care while staying mindful of “the other side of the stethoscope.”
  • State of Emergency Care

    Emergency Medicine in Westchester has come a long way in the past decade.
  • Teens And Depression

    We live in a picture-perfect place; why are so many of our young people depressed?
  • The Science of Happiness

    Forget Prozac, meditation, or winning the lottery — the key to happiness may lie in the “pocket” of our genes.
  • Fitness in No Time

    How to achieve more workout in less time.