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Kevin Zawacki

  • How to Live in Westchester When You Don’t Make a Lot of Money

    Astronomical property taxes (the highest in the nation), a median single-family home price of $655,000, and rising rents make living here a challenge.
  • Westchester Healthcare Matures During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    In the short term, the local healthcare industry is scrambling to address the coronavirus. In the long term, it’s planning for demographic changes.
  • Nick Vallone, 29

    Co-Owner VP Buses Most of us interact with school buses every day: braking for them or walking our kids to them. But we rarely consider the work it takes to keep the vast network of buses rolling. It’s a challenging task, but one that Nick Vallone is up to as co-owner of VP Buses, which […]
  • Bryan Uribe, 29

    Founder & CEO Yofii There’s a myth that innovative tech only emerges from garages and dorm rooms on the West Coast. But Bryan Uribe is proving that the next big app can be conceived right here in Westchester. Uribe is the founder and CEO of Yofii, a mobile app that helps Americans get a handle […]
  • Kevin Tompkins, 24

    Operations Manager/ Chief Estimator Tompkins Excavating If a company is lucky, it has a master of all trades on its staff — someone who can do any number of jobs and do them well. At Tompkins Excavating, Kevin Tompkins is that someone. Tompkins is operations manager and chief estimator at his family’s excavation company, which […]
  • Suchet Mitter, 29

    CEO Castle Royale Operating a profitable events business is notoriously challenging. It can be doubly hard in Westchester, where you face stiff competition from New York City, plus every surrounding suburb. And for Suchet Mitter, CEO of Castle Royale, a swanky events space on Yonkers’ Waverly Street, the latest challenge presented by the COVID-19 outbreak […]
  • Westchester Sees a Boom in Mixed-Use Development

    Across the county, developers are erecting projects that mix residential and commercial spaces for a live-work-play ethos. What’s driving the trend? And who is moving in?
  • The Story — and Fate — of the Hudson River

    For the past century, pollution has been an outsized part of the Hudson River’s history. Proposed NYC storm barriers, oil-barge anchorages, and other new challenges come with ecological costs. Can activists and environmentally conscious regulators restore the legendary river to its former glory?
  • Iona Business Students Gain Skills From Community-Centered Service Projects

    A unique program at the college’s LaPenta School of Business encourages seniors to apply their learnings and talents outside the classroom.
  • A New “Shark Tank” Like Investment Club Sprouts Roots in Westchester

    InvestinKin welcomes players across a variety of industries and locations.