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Ken Valenti

  • 4 Westchester Cities Pave Way for High-Speed Internet

    Yonkers, New Rochelle, White Plains, and Mount Vernon pool their resources to bring lightning-fast Internet to their regions.
  • Lauren Tang, 27

    National Demand and Sales & Operations Planning Manager, Heineken USA
  • David Tubiolo, 29

    Westchester County Legislator, District 14
  • Samantha Krieger, 26

    Executive Director, The Bristal at Armonk
  • Ariana Mullin, 29

    Former Senior Associate Scientist, Acorda Therapeutics
  • Marc Miller, 27

    Director, Marketing Partnerships, Westchester Knicks
  • Inside the Battle Between CVS and Walgreens in Westchester County

    Despite fierce competition nationwide, one pharmacy chain reigns supreme in Westchester. Can you guess if it's CVS or Walgreens?
  • Listening Intently

    A unique combination of raw talent, hard work, community service, and the ability to hear what few others do has propelled Westchester County Association CEO William M. Mooney Jr. throughout his career.
  • Why Workplace Diversity Matters

    Local experts explain its vitality in maintaining a prosperous corporate culture
  • Sam Pezzullo, 29

    Producer, Thinkmodo; Founder, 28twelve Productions