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Jesse Schwartz

  • The 3rd Annual Small Business Awards

    We honor 14 Westchester organizations whose successes prove that bigger isn't always better.
  • Yonkers Brewing Co. Starts To Ferment With Success

    Though still in its beginning phases, John Rubbo and Nick Califano's startup has begun to rise from small-time brewing operation to a must-visit attraction.
  • Volunteer New York!

    For more than 65 years, Volunteer New York! has made it a priority to drive volunteerism throughout Westchester, connecting local residents with hundreds of nonprofit groups. As an organization that prides itself on social consciousness, Volunteer New York! has a primary goal of addressing root causes of poverty such as education, homelessness, and hunger. Yet, […]
  • Mobile Vet Squad

    When Dr. Richard Goldstein started Mobile Vet Squad in 2010, he had no real client base and little to model his business after. He’d been looking extensively for ideal business locations when he stumbled upon an advertisement for a company that sold 26-foot-long mobile medical units—and that’s when he had his lightbulb moment: saving busy pet owners […]
  • New York Hospitality Group

    New York Hospitality Group has long championed its combination of quality food, stellar service, and extensive community involvement. From its beginning in 1986, the business has grown from 17 full-time employees to 47 under the ownership of Peter Herrero. New York Hospitality Group includes two divisions of catering, Caperberry Events and The Great American BBQ Co., and […]
  • Can Westchester's Local Insurance Firms Survive the Internet Age?

    The insurance industry, like all others, is being revolutionized by online shopping. Two local pros share their thoughts about competing for customers in the online world.
  • Obamacare And Small Businesses

    The start of a new year means many things, and, for small businesses this year, it means the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
  • Planting The Seed For A Startup

    How budgeting and planning software PlanGuru sprouted into a successful Westchester business.
  • Nonprofit Funding Group Impact 100 Debuts In Westchester

    Women across the county are joining forces for a new business movement.
  • Are Westchester Companies Spending Big To Throw Holiday Parties?

    The annual holiday party can be a barometer for the greater economy. We check in to see if Westchester businesses are going lavish or low-budget this year.