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Harris Decker

  • Italian Egg Rolls Stand Out at 808 Social

    Industry veteran opens up second Scarsdale restaurant
  • Starbucks Cold Brew vs. the World

    How does the chain's latest release stack up against other major brands?
  • Fare Well: Fresh Pasta Wonders

    A tiny Katonah store that supplies pasta to Blue Dolphin, among other nearby restaurants, is a must-visit for those wanting to take their pasta game to new heights
  • Farmers' Market Finds: Coyote Kitchen

    Small-batch, seasonal jams from a Hudson Valley producer not to be missed
  • Super Slices

    Bigger is better for three county pizza shops
  • The Perfect Cure

    A meaty taste of Brooklyn at Larchmont Farmers’ Market
  • Gourmet Milkshakes Hit White Plains

    There's something special (and non-alcoholic) in the blenders at Lazy Boy Saloon, and you can help christen it
  • Decadent Dishes

    These three dining extravagances may not be easy on your wallet, but your palate will certainly thank you.
  • Whole Foods' Iced Teas, Ranked

    We break down the best and worst of the mega-grocer's myriad cold-brewed options.
  • Farmers’ Market Finds

    Hudson Valley-Made “Nutella” at Croton Chatham-based Archaea Organics’ creamy nut butters, including a version of the popular chocolate hazelnut spread, are locally produced, organic, free of sugar—and delicious.